Shipment opens at Mayhem Airsoft only!

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Saturday night fights Returns to Mayhem!

Arrive at 3 pm, play 4pm-10pm we have floodlights, and will play into the dark, by all means, bring your tracers and night vision.

Mayhems new field shipment is now open, we have over 20 maps with 2 replica call of duty maps, we will be playing a variety of maps check out the photos we offer a unique experience with Russian battle tanks, planes, helicopters, a fort, and a massive town!

Bringing friends, we would like to grow airsoft so, by all means, bring your friends and for only an additional £10 you can hire equipment such as they awesome Tippmann M4 assault rifle with 3 mags, googles, and camo overalls.  Ammo is not included but can be purchased on the day! 

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