Airsoft Walkons!

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Airsoft walk-ons at Mayhem!

Every first Sunday of the month we have our Sunday day time games 9-3.30pm

We also offer our famous Saturdays Night Fights, the Saturday before the third Sunday so 13 days after the first Sunday of the month.

Please check the bookings page for dates available!

We now have separate Airsoft fields, indoor and outdoor, play our replica call of duty map Shipment and many more, you can book private events or join one of our existing games check out the bookings pages for the next airsoft walkon.

Returning in 2020!

Saturday night fights will returns to Mayhem keep your eyes peeled!

Our evening games arrive at 2 pm, play 15:00 - 21:00 across a selection of some of the best playing areas in the UK. We have floodlit fields for once the light has gone meaning the fight truly does happen at night! Bring your tracers, torches and prepare for battle!

Mayhems new field shipment is open, meaning we now have over 20 maps with 2 replica call of duty maps, we offer a unique experience with Russian battle tanks, planes, helicopters, a fort, and a massive town!

£25 per person walk-on fee, we are UKARA registered and will happily help you get registered, please contact us for more information. 

We would like to grow airsoft, which in turn means you have more people to shoot at! If you have a friend who would like to get involved, by all means bring then down and for only an additional £10 they can hire equipment including a Tippmann M4 assault rifle with 3 mags, googles, and camo overalls.  Ammo is not included but can be purchased on the day! 

Mayhem Events FPS limits :

Please arrive early to the chronograph, you will be required to Chrono with a 0.2 and we will soot check on field! 

AEG : 350fps using 0.2g bb
DMR : 450fps using 0.2g bb)
Bolt Action: 500fps using 0.2g bb

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