Mayhem Big game

Thanks to everyone who attended this years Mayhem big game it was by far our best event with over 330 players.

Mayhem big game 2012 Pacific 2
This year Mayhem Big game was always going to be eagerly anticipated; with great playing fields, woods down one side of the field the middle is a mix of concept playing fields, a replica Call of Duty field Bog from Modern Warfare with Real Russian battle Tanks, Planes, Helicopters, Land rovers, Anti-Aircraft guns, Armoured personal carriers, buildings and much much more and this year the field was widened with a brand new town added for the game so you had a great variety to cater for all types or players.   With the additions of the Town, BZ & Tippmanns trade stands plus a very well stock bar selling cold beer on a hot day, this event was not to be missed,    
Saturday games started at 3pm and went on to 9:30pm with just shy of 200 players and Formula 5 and C.O.D themed games running on the Mayhem fields With Cold beer flowing and games running all evening the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and catered for everyone from the Tourney player to the woods play to those who wanted to chill at the bar.  Sunday the main event started at 10 am on the dot, with a huge assault from either side on the Fort and fire fights in the around the missile lorry and more action in the woods, the game went end to end with both teams making pushes almost though but falling just short, the Japanese took a small lead and played well pushing the Yanks back though the woods and controlling the Town.  In the Afternoon the Yanks fought hard and where in control of the town pushing the Japs all the ways back to the Tank convoy field it, with the Japs owning the woods, it looked like a USA victory with 5 minutes to go Genral Ged green rallied his troops and re captured the Town and Missile command to snatch victory.
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Mayhem have out done themselves again this year, The weekend paintball event was awesome! Everyone and I mean everyone enjoyed it. The event was well planned and the playing fields were top-notch. Every member of staff got everyone involved which makes the day even better.
The attention to detail was really good and not any event so far can even touch it. The afternoon games and the bar and food made the event like no other seen before. The tech tent was busy all weekend offering a top quality gun/marker repair service.
If you didn’t take part this year you really missed out, and make sure you can attend next years event!
some quotes from players on the day
What a great weekend. On Saturday you had people playing paintball, people make new friends at the bar and some just catching up with mates.on the subject of the bar what a cracker. Well done Stuart and well done mayhem. The best big game I’ve been to.
Great game and weekend at Mayhem thanks guys   . Due to the heat and my asthma playing up unfortunately had to retire at dinnertime. but great additions from last year, great site and great people look forward to next year 
Duuuuudes what a big game!!!!! Last year was awesome but this years was even better!!!!! The work and planning on the maps,the marshals and all the staff were excellent!!! FSUP loved every minute of it!!! Awesome seeing the usual ballers and meeting new dudes!!!! Thanx again…. Ash….out

Dave Fsup Hughes