Laser Mayhem Prices

For persons under the age of 18 years old, our prices are £19.99 a person if you have 10 players or more people, or £21.99 each if you have less than 10 players for 2 hours, or at the cost of £25 per person, we can offer a 3-hour session instead. 

For players over the age of 18, it's £25 per person for two hours of play, or £29.99 for 3 hours.

Our sessions include 2/3 hours of play across a series of hyper-realistic fields, where participants can expect to play an average of 8-12 games respectively. Our fields boast an array of real-life military hardware, with Tanks, Helicopters, Jets spread across both open-air and forest fields. You'll also get seating arrangements in our fully-heated, brick-built, indoor party facilities, where you can host your food, drinks, and cake for your birthday parties or social functions. 

We can offer food, at an additional cost, using our local Pizza vendor. The prices for them are £11 for a large margarita or £13.50 for your standard toppings. We find that 1 large pizza should accommodate 3 people as a rough rule of thumb. Drinks can be provided as part of the package. 

We can also provide party invitations at no additional cost to help organize the big day. They'll have all of our location details as well as a release form to participate in our activities.