Mini Paintball Prices

Mini Paintball is £27 per person for 2 hours, included is an entry fee, Camo overalls, Body armour, head shield double glazed goggles, and enough paintballs for the session. We top their guns up so they have 75 shots for each game and we play 5-7 games in a session.

Normally they play for 2 hours we have lots of different themed playing areas with Real Tanks, Planes, Helicopters and much much more.  When they have finished playing we have a big party room with Tables food-wise you can bring your own food and we supply orange juice or we sell pizzas which are £10 for a large margarita or £12.50 for pizzas with toppings one pizza normally feeds 3 people.

We also have very cool birthday invites we can send, which have directions and the form they all need to fill in on the invite.

Our standard session times are 10:30 am or 1 pm on weekends we do have some flexibility so please ask if you need another time.