Scouts at Mayhem

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Cubs and Scouts Paintball & Laser Events

Mayhem is perfect for your Cub or Scout group and offers various exhilarating and unique outdoor experiences at our venue which is conveniently located near to Theydon Bois Tube station. We have good links to the M11, M25, A406 and many more major roads meaning we are never too far away for Laser tag or Paintball no matter where in London or Essex you are based.

Starting from 6+ we have a range of activities to guarantee a good day out! Apart from being great outdoor fun and exercise in the fresh air, a day at Mayhem encourages…

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership development
  • Planning skills
  • Communication

We hold full public liability insurance and are an accredited member of the UK Paintball Sports Federation offering you the assurance that as a Scout or Cub leader you are bringing your members to a professional & well-equipped venue.

Current activities available to Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts are:

  • Outdoor laser tag 6+
  • Mini paintballing 8-13
  • Paintballing 11+
  • Airsoft 11+
  • Archery tag 12+
  • It’s a knockout 12-16 for private


Mobile laser tag

We have a long-standing history providing Laser Tag games to Scouts at both the 24-hour event and winter camp at Gilwell park, in fact, if any of the Scouts have been to a Gilwell Park event, there’s a good chance they’ve already played laser tag with us.

We have a large stock of inflatable barricades meaning we can pretty much set up a Laser Tag event anywhere in the world no matter how sparse, although if you have natural or man-made cover this works as well.

Paintball & Laser Tag Equipment

All equipment is of the highest standard in regards to safety and comfort, full head protection goggles, custom body armor, and combat coveralls. Whether you are playing low-impact paintball or Laser Tag, you can rely on Campaign to give your Scout or Cub group a great adventure.


Activities for Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts

Low-impact and Mini paintballing  for 8-13 and 12+

Mini-Paintball for 8-10 year olds

Mini Paintball is specially designed for children aged 8-10 years of age…which is perfect for Cub scouts. The equipment is smaller, lighter and the paintballs themselves are also smaller, resulting in lower impact. You can find more information on


Outdoor Laser Tag is just like paintball except it uses the latest infra-red technology instead of an actual projectile so it is 100% safe and not requiring goggles are required and can be played by anyone over 6 years of age.  We have over 200 laser guns so we can run huge events.



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