Mayhem tactical, with real looking Magfed paintball markers, you have to reload after every mag reducing the number of paintballs in the game making it more tactical, not to mention the addition of first strike a paintball that is shaped like a bullet with Finns, and travels 1.5 times the distance with a flatter trajectory and deadly accuracy adding a sniper element to the game.

Run every first Sunday of the month at Mayhem, with a heated kit up room, choice of paints, and first strikes available, Magfed players shoot a lot fewer paintballs, they pick their shots and are far more tactical, with all the major brands  jumping on board you can buy a Magfed marker from £189 we recommend the Tippmann TMC, as a starter gun, its reliable and easy to maintain.  More experienced players tend to upgrade to the T15, Dye Dams as you can also use First strike rounds.