Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a fun-filled, exciting and intense game played with our bows and foam-tipped arrows where you need to ‘tag’ the opposition players, which eliminates them from the game.  Based on the London and Essex border, Archery Tag is a fantastic event which is available all year round.

Archery Tag Game Rules

Teams are normally 5-a-side.

Archery Tag has two objectives:

  • Eliminate the opposite team, OR
  • Knock out the oppositions 5 x discs out of their target.

So if you completely eliminate the other team, or knock out their 5 x discs out of the target, you are the winner!

To eliminate a player, you must tag them with an arrow OR catch one of their arrows in mid-flight!

Do not worry if you are tagged early in the game though, teammates can bring eliminated players back into the game by either:

  • Knocking out an opponents disc out of their target (1 x player per disc), OR
  • Catching an opponents arrow in mid-flight

Archery tag is a great work out, brilliant for team building, 

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