What's involved

Lots of people email or phone us knowing very little about playing paintball, except that they want to give it a go.

For all of you that have no idea what will happen at a day at Mayhem Paintball, here is a typical day format.


    • Arrive 9 am
    • Help yourself to free tea and coffee while you book in.
    • Collect your overalls, ammo pack and paint.
    • Get kitted up and ready to go!


    • Have a Goggle safety talk
    • Get issued goggles
    • Main safety talk and gaming explanation
    • Get guns!
    • Everyone is divided into their respective teams and given armbands


    • Go to first playing zone
    • Receive mission briefing, including objectives and strategies
    • Play 1 game on that field (usually lasting about 15 minutes)
    • Teams swap ends and play the same field again (about 15 minutes)
    • After these 2 games, teams go back to booking in the area to refill paint and have a short break


    • Go to the second playing field and play 2 more games (same format as before)



    • Go to the third playing field and play 2 more games
    • Short break (as before)


  • Go to the final playing field and play 2 more games
  • End of the day we give out a free Mayhem Mugs to everyone.

Many people ask us what they should bring, this is what we recommend:

  • A pair of comfortable shoes; trainers are good but boots with ankle support are better.
  • Overalls will be provided but bring a few layers of clothing (Just in case you get dirty and want to change later on in the day before you go home). Don’t worry if you get any paint on your clothes as it washes out easily!
  • You will sweat, so We have showers that all of our customers can use, feel free to bring a change of clothes and a towel - especially if you plan to hit the town afterwards