We offer a huge selection of events at Mayhem, from paintballing for the extreme Rambo to laser quest for the budding stormtrooper! 

For ages 7+:

Laser Tag

Laser Mayhem is the ideal venue for parties or just a day out for the ages of 7 to 80. What could be better than taking cover behind tanks, planes, helicopters, forts, and cars?

With our laser tag equipment, you can shoot an opponent from up to 300m away, and each of our laser taggers is fitted with a precision Red dot scope, which will help you land those shots with perfect accuracy!

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Ages 8-13:

Mini Paintball 

Exclusively for 8-13-year-old's the perfect introduction to paintball as a party or event, using smaller paintballs and offering increased protection our Mini-paintball event is a perfect child friendly activity. 

 £27 per person includes 2 hours of intensive playing, enough paint for the entire session (usually between 6-8 games) goggles, freshly laundered overalls (optional), armoured gloves, paintball marker, unlimited air refills.

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Ages 12+:

Airsoft Call of Duty Experience

Play high intensity, low pain Call of Duty style games across some of the UK’s best playing areas. Use replica M4’s, AK47’s, Glock 17’s, coupled with frag and smoke grenades to fight your way to victory using tactics, skill, and some of your best COD moves.

£40 per person for 8 players (more can be added) and includes entry, full face protection, overalls, an ammo vest, an Airsoft RIF (replica imitation firearm) and enough BB’s to make sure the party is one they’ll never forget!

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Low Impact Paintball

For players aged 12+ and perfect for beginners or those who want to play paintball, but with less of a 'tickle' when you are shot. These paintballs are significantly smaller and travel at a slower speed meaning fun for the whole family!

Starting at £35 per person with a minimum of 6 needed for a session, includes 500 low impact paintballs, goggles, freshly laundered overalls (optional), paintball marker, unlimited air refills.

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Traditional Paintball

For players aged 12+ This is the most extreme version of the sport and has been around for over 30 years. High adrenaline full-on action, will sometimes 'sting' when shot.

Current Covid prices are £37.5 which includes: entry for a half days paintballing session, includes 500 paintballs, goggles, freshly laundered overalls (optional), paintball marker, unlimited air refills.

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