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Mayhem Paintball was established in 1987 in Essex on the edge of London. We have catered for customers from every walk of life from Royalty, Celebrities, Children’s birthday parties, and some of the largest blue-chip corporations in the world, and we pride ourselves on not just having them come to play with us, but their repeat business year after year.

Situated inside the M25 in London on the edge of Essex Mayhem paintball has an amazing amount of playing fields with 16 different arenas to choose from all on one venue, Our Urban playing area has cars, Buildings and a coach, this year we added a huge Town.

Mayhem is perfect for corporate we offer a great way to get your team working together and communicating.  With excellent facilities to host clients, we are unlike any other paintball venue in the UK.  We can tailor-make a package and the order of events for your corporation so the day is exactly what you require so you have the ultimate day of action and excitement paintballing and the best team building experience possible.

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 Paintball is an extreme sport, we ensure that all players are given a comprehensive safety talk by experts. Players are equipped with the latest equipment and this includes specialist safety equipment. We give all our customers comfortable thermal double glazed goggles that don't fog up which is essential because you need to see what you are shooting at and eliminates the need to remove goggles in an active area, which has helped us preserve our impeccable safety record. We also offer impact reduction jackets for younger players and ladies if they chose to wear them. Our philosophy is to combine maximum fun with maximum safety, we are confident that no other site in the country offers the quality of the equipment that we do, the level of expertise that we do and the safety standards that we do. 
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At Mayhem Paintball games in Essex, we also have an on-site paintball equipment shop, stocking a range of guns from state of the art electronic guns to standard paintball guns and even some vintage pistols from the birth of paintball as a sport. Our staff are all experts, many of whom play internationally at a professional level, and they can advise you on the best paintball kit from goggles to gas and guns.


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