Paintball 12+

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When someone mentions paintballing, this is probably what you think of, high adrenaline extreme fun! This has been our bread and butter since 1987 and we're pretty sure we've got it down to a T.

Two teams usually between 10 and 20 players will shoot at each other with the aim to eliminate the other team or win the game by completing the game objective. 

With some of the best playing areas in the UK, quality equipment, and a stone's throw from London, what better way to spend your birthday, stag, work do, or weekend out than with us. 

We provide each player with thermal double glazed goggles, designed to be comfortable to wear and to reduce fogging up as much as possible. 

Currently, our sessions are half days (either morning or afternoon) and we aim to give you 6-8 games across 3/4 different playing areas. 

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