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                     WARNING: NOT FOR THE BORING               

This is not your standard "teambuilding" event; based on the hit 70s TV show, It's a Knockout is a combination of pure silliness and extreme athleticism. Forget "Out of Body" experiences, we are London's best "Out of Office" experience.

Remember when Mike from IT Support droned on about the time he climbed Everest? Let's see how he fares against our Slippery Summit. Show your colleagues who the real boss is as you battle it across our series of inflatable challenges.


All Hands on Deck

Swap your weekly gym session for something a little more exciting. All hands on deck require complete trust in your coworkers- let them pull you across a foam-filled pit.

Think you can work well under pressure? Team with the most crossings wins.

All Hands On Deck It's a Knockout


Ever pictured your colleagues riding a sausage? I hope not, but here at Mayhem Events, we like to make even the strangest of dreams come through. Good rhythm is the key to this challenge, so choose your team wisely for this sausage riding relay race.

Sausages It's a Knockout

Castle Wall

It's a simple water transference game (all of a sudden Harry from Logistics seems like a valuable team member). Get as much water up and over our castle wall via sponges and you'll win, just don't let them be intercepted by your opposition teams.


Get yourself up and over the Summit as many times as possible and your team could be taking home the prize. The challenge? Ridiculous amounts of foam, making it less of a mountain and more of a cheeky Ibiza weekend - really putting the Slippery into the Slippery Summit.

Slope - It's a knockout


Still remember the Staff Christmas Do when Barbra had 1 too many and couldn't stand up? Relive the hilarity and watch your coworkers as they go jelly legged in our Giants as you literally take the floor from under them.

Giants - It's a knockout

Washing Machines

Everyone knows you should never air your dirty laundry in the office, but here at Mayhem Events we do things a little differently. Battle a world of foam whilst you work against the clock to pair our smelly socks.


    DISCLAIMER: Now is not the time for a wet t-shirt competition with Tim from HR. Save yourself the awkward eye contact on Monday morning and dress appropriately!



    Now that you're interested, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. We understand that every company has different needs, so we have developed three packages to cater for all types of event.


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