UCL Law society 10 years Running

A big thanks to UCL Law society for there 10th year running at Mayhem Paintball Abridge, 80 Students again this year attended on the 2nd of october for an evening of paintballing to get to know everytone / team building during freshers week.


James Kindly emailed us back with feedback from this years event, below is a pictures of the red and white team.

Hi Ronnie,
Sorry for the delay with this email, our Fresher's Fortnight has just finished! I just wanted to say thank you for putting on such a good event for us and that it was a pleasure working with you again. I will be sure to give a good write up of the event to my successor to consider when they are putting together the programme for next year. I also wanted to say thank you in particular for your flexibility with our numbers and posting my jacket to me so promptly, it was greatly appreciated!
Kind regards,
James A. Kingston
Social Secretary
UCL Law Society

UCL Law Society 1