COD vs Battlefield Scenario Day

COD vs Battlefield Paintball Scenario

Battlefield Vs COD Scenario Day:  Thursday 28th of May

During the upcoming school half term, Mayhem will be hosting a special scenario day based on the epic computer games Call Of Duty and Battlefield.  We will be playing a variety of different multiplayer game missions from both games on our movie set playing areas, including of course our replica COD map. 


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Missile Command
Mission – Heist (Battlefield)
Objective – The shed labelled bank will contain duffel bags. Attacking team starts at Japanese end, their objective is to go to the bank and plant the drill (Black case) and take the duffel bags back to their base to win. After planting the drill a marshal will set off a smoke grenade to signal the planting and the duration of the smoke grenade indicates how long the drill takes to crack open the vault. After that the attacking team must take the bags to their base to win. The defending team have to either hold off the attacking team for 15 minutes or eliminate the entire team.
Air Assault
Mission – Domination/Conquest (Call of duty/Battlefield)
Objective- Three double ended flags to be placed around the field. On the tank, the green jeep located by bog and the Plane in the middle. Teams will be assigned a flag and they must have the most flags up at the end of the 15 minute time period.
Beach Landing/Crash
Mission- Crosshair (Battlefield)
Objective- Attacking team(Police): Starts at the Landing craft and has a VIP indicated with a flag around their arm and an Uzi upgrade gun.The objective of the attacking team  is to either eliminate the other team or Get their Vip to the opponents base (The helicopter)
Defending(Criminals): The defending team must either Eliminate the enemy VIP by headshot only or to stop them from getting the VIP to the helicopter in the assigned time limit.
Bridge Wood
Mission- Rescue (Battlefield)
Defending team (Criminals): The defending team will start in the fort, there will be two hostages (dummies) for them to defend, one in the fort and one on the bridge. Their objective is to stop the attacking team (Swat) from rescuing the hostages. They will need to defend the hostages for 15 minutes.
Attacking team (Swat): The objective of the attacking team is to go and rescue the hostages from the defending team. They must rescue one of the hostages and return it to their base. They have 15 minutes to do this and will have smoke grenades placed by marshals to help their progress.
Mission- Kill Confirmed
Each team will have a coloured armband (Red or yellow this is not their team tapes) When a player is eliminated they must take the armband off and drop it in the spot they were eliminated in. After a player is eliminated, live players can collect the arm bands and they count towards the final total.  First team to 50 armbands wins.
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