Brentwood School At Mayhem

After spending my school years at Brentwood school with plenty of fond memories its great to have them come to Mayhem.  Brentwood is a great school one of the top private schools in the country these days.  So a big thank you to Brentwood school your pupils we had 30 boarders come and play.   It is great for kids to do activities like paintball, great exercise, brilliant for team work and breaks down barriers as it makes pupils who would not normally mix due to different school years and social circles interact.  I am a big believer in programs like the scout movement and Duke of Edinburgh we have a lot of school come to mayhem every year and I really do believe they gain more from activities like paintball then a day in the class room.  Of course that’s not saying skipping school is a good thing.

A big thank you to Brentwood school you should be proud of your pupils they joy to look after for the day.