Clash of Clans

Campaign Paintballing in London's annual big game:  Clash of Clans
The Mayhem Militia took 14 hardcore players to Campaign paintball’s scenario game in Surrey, now we didnt edit any of our own footage, so i have put on a video I found on the internet.
I’ve played down at Campaign numerous times over the years and is a great site, with good fields, great toilets (which is always a surprise to see at a paintball site), excellent staff and the owners Lawrence and Jim are very hands on, and you always see them on the field which is a good sign for a paintball event, as when the people who are running the event are on the field, they know exactly how the game is running, keeping a good handle on things.
Clash of Clans was a 4 team game, personally I’m not a fan of multiple teams as it can go a bit crazy, but in this case, it worked very well, and I may have to reconsider my opinion of multi games, as we had so much fun.
The weather was beautiful, and when we turned up there it was a really nice relaxed atmosphere.  The game was divided into 4 parts, which I think were an hour and a half each.  The format worked well, and it was set over the whole site, and it felt like there was 150 players, maybe more.  As there was 4 teams, the teams were smaller, and I think having the breaks was a very good idea, as it would give everyone a chance to pot up, get air and get ready to go out as a team for the next stint as a group so you weren’t at a big disadvantage due to all your players sitting in the safe area or having lunch!
I was really excited about playing Clash of Clans at Campaign and it certainly didn’t disappoint, I enjoy a really good one day game especially in the winter, and the 4 team format worked very well.
Campaign has always had a great reputation with really good fields, which are set out really well.  As it was over the whole site, the bases were rotated in each section of the game, so we rotated around the site however it felt like we were always in the thick woodland part, and I know they’ve got some awesome paintballing maps at the other side that I would have liked to play more on.  We did have a really good battle in the town but i was over too quickly.  I think the reason we ended up in the top thick woods was probably down to my own tactical ineptness!!!
The main objective was to get gold from other clans bases, which was worth big points, but you could also hold checkpoints to score points.  We had some great gun fights but we were pretty poor at completing the objectives apart from the second game where we scored really big points.
Well done to the white team I think that they were the overall winners and we came 3rd overall, but even so we had a fantastic time.  It will be interesting to see how it plays next year, with more players.
All in all, very well organised and we will definitely be back next year!
I dont think Clash of clans could be better, value for money was excellent and was only £50 including a case of paint.