DMC - Magician Films at Mayhem

Drummond Money Coutts - Filming at Mayhem

Earlier this year, the magician DMC as part of his new series 'Beyond Magic' filmed a number of tricks including the massively impressive recreation of Jasper Maskelyne's 'Phantom Army' trick, here at Mayhem Paintball.   The new series is being shown on National Geographic at 8pm, and the tricks filmed at Mayhem will be shown on the 5th episode.

Drummond's tricks were absolutely amazing, and I still to this day have no idea how he did them!  He is also a really great guy, very funny and definitely has a great control of magic!!!  Expect to see a lot more from him.  Here's the man himself (centre), with our guys Chris (left) and Dave (right), in front of one of our T55 tanks.

Magician DMC on location at Mayhem Paintball