Dye Rotor 2 Preview

Dye Rotor 2 - First Look

At the Dye Tech course in Offenburg, Germany, Mayhem was the only site from the UK to get our hands on the new Dye Rotor 2 paintball hopper.  Time was short so the video was a bit rushed but the new hopper is set to be the hottest addition to all players set-up.  We got our hands on one of the prototypes and has some exciting new features:

  • Adjustable height/size function
  • Light on/off settings (ideal for those playing at night or who want to remain incognito)
  • Low paint sound notification (this can also be turned on/off)
  • Anti-Jam fin on internals
  • Super quick change from lid to speedfeed (Really, really quick.  Maybe 3 seconds!)
  • Lighter than previous Rotor
  • Larger, more ergonomic hole for lid/speedfeed

Price on the Rotor 2 is still yet to be confirmed, but you can reserve yours with just a £50 deposit and be one the first in the UK to get your hands one!  To pre-order, please give us a call on 01708  688517 between 9am - 5pm,  7 days a week.