New Toys at Mayhem

We have instock the New Silver Back Dye DAM, and what a peice of kit it is, only a handful (250) have been made worldwide they are very limited edition we are really lucky to get one instock instock.  I played with a Dye DAM at our mag fed game a couple of weeks back and its like no other gun.   You can shoot first strike and normal paintballs at the flick of a swtich flick between your loader and your Mags fill up your mags with first strike and shoot with deadly accuaracy at far far longer range. 


This Christmas show your other half you truley love them and treat them to a Silverback, can a lame penguin take out a man at 100 yards with deadly accuracy hell no he needs a DAM this christmas.

Check out the vidoe by our good friend and paintbaling Legend Mr U.