Jamie Olivers 15 at Mayhem

Every year we proud to have Jamie Olivers apprentaship scheme 15 come to Mayhem, i think Fifteen is a great idea its away to get young people in to the catering industry, and teach them vauable life skills.  The idea is to keep young people out of trouble and make something of there lives.  Every year they take a new intake of apprentices between the ages of 18-24 yrs.  Young men and woman need help and diretion in life at Mayhem we have had a few apprentinces and its definatly a great way to gain expereince and from it become employable.  Jamie desvers a lot of credit for putting his neck on the line and helping people make something of there lives.

Like all apprinceships Fifteen London is a 12-month Programme combining expereince  with on-the-job-based learning (65 per cent), and will personal develope young people (11 per cent) with small about of college-based work (8 per cent) . With apprentiships they are not just training courses as you learn on your feet in the place of work which is a far better experince then a normal college course.