Guide to Being the Best Man

Guide to Being the Best Man

Lock, Stock and One Smoking Barrel

At long last! Your friend/cousin/brother has finally acknowledged that you are indeed the best man. Once you’ve high fived his lesser mates, had your official ‘Best Man’ T-shirt made and completed your victory lap there are a few things to start considering in your quest to prove just why he was right to pick you.


Being a best man is no free ride, there’s plenty of planning ahead as the blushing bridegroom is about to face a few major meltdowns (his own as well as his fiance’s) so time away for him to clear his head and take on his share of wedding planning is vital. And of course everyone knows men do their best thinking down the pub. It will also give him time to let off steam away from his beautiful fiancé who has quite possibly turned into ‘Bridezilla’.

The Stag Do

One of man’s most sacred rites of passage, a chance for him to prove his macho side after weeks of talking colour schemes, flowers and wedding cakes. It’s also a chance to give the stags a chance to stich him up, stag-style. Well it is traditional after all.

There’s no finer place for some stag party fun than a paintball field, it’s a stag party “Call of Duty” where all the guys can man up and do battle.

Top Tip – While aiming to give the groom a complete Dulux makeover it’s important to keep mummy’s little soldier safe so give him a Hi-Viz suit to wear so he can’t get lost. The fact that he’ll then be easier to see/aim at is just a lucky bi-product of you thinking of his welfare. Just make sure you take him home in one piece, you don’t want to face the wrath of ‘Bridezilla’.

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The Best Man Speech

It’s the one part of being the best man that is most likely to give guys sleepless nights. You are under serious pressure to deliver a speech of epic proportions and most of all BE FUNNY! Too many best men repeat the same old tired jokes that everyone has heard before. Don’t be that guy. have a complete speech writing system written and compiled by professional comedy writers. That means you’ll find hundreds of jokes you can be sure none of the guests will have heard before but will help you create a legendary speech.

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The Big Day

Being the best man on the wedding day is more than just delivering a killer speech and dancing with hot single bridesmaids, there’s a few key roles you’ll need to perform;

Groomsmen Quite often there are younger groomsmen who won’t have been to a wedding before so assign one of the older guys to chaperone ring bearers or young ushers.

Rings It’s likely either the bride and/or groom will be nervous during the ceremony and it’s common for shaking hands to drop the rings. Make it easier for them when presenting the rings by placing them on your open palm rather than keeping them in the boxes or clasped in your fingers.

Photos Getting everyone together for the photos can take an age, which is a worry when there’s a free bar to get to, so help speed up the process by being on hand to help the photographer round up the right people to appear in the right photos.

Getaway Car Don’t forget to pimp the couples getaway vehicle. Have a bag handy with shaving foam, lipstick, toilet paper and other materials to make sure they leave the wedding reception in suitable style.


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