Jude Law Conference Room Renovation

At Mayhem we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve and add to the service we give to our customers and augment the facilities we have so that every visitor to Mayhem leaves with fantastic memories of an amazing day at a top notch venue. 

The latest phase of our constant evolution and drive for a better service is our recent extension to our Jude Law suit (named after one of our most famous visitors) this already fantastic facility has been more than doubled in size and is now capable of accommodating more than 110 guest seated be it for our fantastic range of kids birthday parties or our amazing corporate events . It has plastered and most importantly well insulated walls, a tiled floor and is constantly heated so no matter what the weather outside you can feel toasty warm when you come back in from the outdoor fun. This extremely versatile space is well suited to hosting conferences business meetings company buffets and Kids birthday parties. We can arrange the layout of the room to suit any purpose you require to accommodate your event in style and comfort.

Jade Law Paintball Conference Room