Mayhem Mag Fed

Our first attempt at a Magfed game (the paintball gun has a magazine rather than a normal big hopper/loader), or really a limited loader game, i am not sure if there is a walk-on market just yet for mafed guns but i think there could be in the future and there definatly is for a limited loader game.  Why play limited loaders or Magfed you are proberly thinking, and i kind of agree dont fix what is broken and lots of people over the years have tried limited paint and its not really taken off.  But there are a few people really pushing for Magfed games, NPF run miltac which is limited loader (50 shots) and Laurence Coetser from Magfed Paintball Uk and Dave Thatcher from Warfights are starting to change things by running good Mag fed games.  

Personally i think its a tricky one as its very niche, and i know Alex Munrow has 30 magfed guns he can take to an event but it limits the amount of people who can play, and to be honest there are not many good magfed guns on the market, there must be a market though appearing as Tippmann are investing heavily with the TRC which looks pretty sexy and also selling conversion kits for the 98.

Back to the game its self in sunny London it was a beautiful day and we had marketed pretty hard and i thought i quite fancy playing so i found a friend and we borrowed a dye dam each from the very kind Ash Chaplin at Dye.  There was an air of uncertaintity in the air as we were not quite sure what to expect and having 5-10 shots before you need to reload is a whole new experimnce.   I like the idea of the game being more about resource management rather than jsut shooting a lot of paintballs.  I think this is one side of magfed which could make stand out, i like the idea of having to go get mags, being able to find first strike to get an advange.  We tried to have a mix of ideas in the missions and i think it did work really well.  

I was excited because I thought it would be like real life call of duty! With 20 players, it has a great atmosphere and it was quite an intimate affair with a good mix of ages and ability. The first game of the day, was on Missile Command and Bridge Wood as a combination field. The objective of the game was to get some fuel containers from the missile lorry, and get one into the fort complex, and with such a vast area for the amount of players it was great for sneaking around. Playing with only 6-10 shots before you have to reload is a real leveller on the field, as you’re never too sure how many shots you have left in your magazine!


Next field was Bog, the call of duty replica map. In this game, there were crates with mags with first strike and smoke, and other ordance to get i liked Resource management game i like the idea of limiting the amount of paint and you have to go get it.


I had a really good time and playing Bog our call of duty map and the Urban mag fed was a really good laugh i would definately play again but i think although we had 18-20 players we need to be able to attact a consistant 20 players each month so we could make the barriers to entry a bit more flexible so people can use tac caps and 50 ball loaders.  We have invested and do have a good 20-25 mag fed guns now so Mayhem is ready for a Mag fed / Limited loader walk on once a month.