Mayhem Paintball News

Mayhem Big game news, we are getting prepared for this year’s which will be the 4th of the series and our 6th game.  The 2014 Mayhem big game is the only big paintball game in and around London, last year we had nearly 500 players on the Sunday the game ran over the weekend both days.  This year we want to hit over 500 paintball players and we are also having games running on the Friday as camping will be open from Thursday.  Again Stuart Friell from the Prince regent supplying the bar, it will be serving cold beers, spirits and soft drinks over the weekend and help us provide a great atmosphere with players all-round the country coming to London.  Our game  is unique in the sense it’s the only game I know of where you can watch paintball have a beer and relax and mingle with loads of picnic tables, easy listening music in the back ground it’s a really relaxed social event. 

Anyone who has been to Mayhem will know we have amazing playing fields with so many military Tanks, Planes, Helicopters, APC’s, Land rovers and much more we are always adding to the site.  The Last two years we have added more and more to the field made it bigger so this year again we will be adding more improvements for the Mayhem big game, we plan to add the upstairs to the town, and we have 2 new helicopters to add to the field. 

The Biggest companies in paintball are all jumping on board with the Mayhem game we are growing fast in reputation and now it is one of 3 must play games in the UK,

Tippmann the world’s biggest company when it comes to scenario paintball, are fully behind the Mayhem game and are making us one of their games for 2014. This is massive they trying to line up Greg Hasting, from the Xbox game to come across the pond to the UK to play our game that would be huge Greg is a top guy we used to play against in the America when he played for XSV one of the top American teams in the NPPL although we didn’t know him very well as he was on a rival team he is a really nice bloke.

Dye the coolest  paintball company are bring the UK number Pro team who will play as special forces and you can have the chance to sign up with Dye and join nexus for the day. 

More scenario teams, word is spreading across the UK about the Mayhem game we have the Scottish warriors rumoured to be coming down this year.