Mayhem big game is coming

Mayhem Big game, 26-28th of august if you have not checked out last year’s video please do its a great snap shot of what we provide


Only £55 or £70 early bird ticket with a box of paint you can book your early bird with a deposit and pay the rest before the 1st of July.


Free camping and free to non-players so you can bring the family.

Showers - free hot showers

Bar - well stocked reasonably priced

Band - playing the greatest hits

Inflatables, sumo suites, bungee run, rodeo bull

600 Players

H-pac when you need 4500 psi except not substitute

Amazing fields - with Russian Battle Tanks, Planes, helicopters.

All the big Trade stands

Sup-air ball field current mils spec will be open Friday and Saturday free to use, with free Coaching from Pro players Saturday.

Magfed games Friday event and a big Magfed game Saturday, we also have 15 Magfed guns to rent free of charge if you want to join in, Hostile intentions have an epic rolling game planned saturday.  With Trudy Overall, Sean Stacey Danny Sieradzan Benny Pettifer and Alex Munro as well as the Hostile Intention boys all confirmed.

Walk-on games Friday, Saturday.

Scenario games Saturday afternoon - early evening with 200+ players.

The Big event Sunday with over 600 players fighting over 500 meters of  battlefield littered with Russian Battle Tanks, Planes, Helicopters and a massive town in the middle which has the most intense gun fights you will ever be involved in.

Our amazing Generals, we have Paintball Greats for the Allies such as Going Postal’s John Bunyan, Shelly and Bart Farmer, Dave Mandy Wright, Mike Sexy Tait, Northern alliance and for the Japs, Legends of paintball such as  Ged Green, Joe Freeborn Tom Barker and Team Tornados Richard Widenbar.


Also the smile Network will be in town filming.