mayhem Militia at North vs South

HI Guys last weekend we all went to North vs South the biggest paintball game in the UK it is held in the midlands and 50 of us when up in force from Mayhem.  This year the South won and I am sure of course we had a massive hand in the first South Win for 3 years well I got shot a lot so that must have helped.  From Mayhem we brought 50 hard core players, and after a weekend of shooting Northerners, and there were a lot of them with over 1800 players that is 900 of them to shoot. We won after a hard fought day’s paintballing.

North vs south is one of the oldest and most established on a military base it on one vast playing field with 900 players a side. 

The Mayhem Militia is our scenario site team we play just for fun anyone can join and there are not stipulation to join you can play for other teams the Militia is a basically a big boys club (and girls of course).  This year we also had our own tops printed which are only £30 with your name on the back.  We choose Tiger stripe not only because we thinking it looks really cool but also Mayhem has a long history with London Tigers one of the UK best Paintballs teams, who used to wear Tiger stripe.



We will be writing a review of north vs south the biggest paintball scenario game in the UK very soon.