Scouts can play paintball

It was not long ago that paintballing was banned for all Scouts so what's changed?

In 2014 after a consultation with all the Scout members there was an overwhelming wish to open up paintball as a scout activity.  From January 2014 the UKPSF the governing body 

Its amazing Paintballing was Banned in the first place as it does embody a lot of what the scouts are about, I fully appreciate that you can argue shooting at each other is against the scout's philosophy however paintballing is not re inactive war we have gone a long way in trying to move away from that stigma.  

83% of scouts voted for Paintballing to be allowed, paintballing is extremely safe providing you play at a UKPSF accredited venue, Mayhem is a 5 star fully accredited UKPSF venue.

The Scouts felt with appropriate risk management measures, paintball is no riskier than activities already available.

All Scout activities are of course optional so all the scout me members can choose if they want to take part or sit out there are so many activities available, not every activity suits every person.

As a paintballing provider, its not only important we make sure the day is as safe as possible, but we also go the extra mile, at Mayhem we giver everyone Thermal goggles for instance so every person has double glazed goggles which are comfortable we do not offer standard rental goggles as they are not up to our standard we have to have our bespoke made, so they are comfy and don't steam up, we also offer safe areas on the playing fields so you can take your goggles off when your out and in between games so your only in your goggles for 10-15 minutes and can get them cleaned,  this ensures everyone has a better day and its a lot safer as people are far less likely to take off their goggles.

Paintballing was originally banned due to, insurance issues, age restrictions, and personal protective equipment being required, now I don't understand why any of this issue arose as to be a UKPSF member all these boxes would have been ticked you have to be insured, and supply all the right safety equipment, not to mention we are inspected, I feel if the scout movement had just used accredit UKPSF venues they would not have had issues in the past.

Interestingly they policy regarding paintballing guns is:

"Paintball guns as well as Nerf guns, laser guns, water pistols, and Airsoft guns) as they are not classed as firearms, you are allowed to shoot at Human targets of course shooting people with firearms are banned in the scout movement.

Strangely though archery tag is banned, I would recommend Laser tag from 7 yrs and up Mini paintballing 8-12 years old and paintballing from 12 years old.

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