The Best Stag and Hen do Fancy Dress Ideas

When it comes to stag and hen dos, making the bride or groom dress up as a complete and utter plonker is the name of the game. But if you really want to embarrass your partner in crime before you lose them to the dark side, here are some of the best fancy dress ideas…


Arriba, Arriba! Andale, Andale! Ponchos, sombreros and lots and lots of tequila is all you need to make a stag do amazing. Buy your group a banjo or two, some maracas and insist that every time a trumpet is blown, your stag must do a shot. He’ll be la la la bamba’ing all the way home!

A Baby

If you’re the best man, it’s your job to start the night as you mean to go on. Dressing the stag up as a big baby is definitely apt, considering the amount of drooling and slurring they’ll be doing. If you’re planning an exciting day of stag do challenges such as paintballing (3 points for the person who shoots the stag!), a bar crawl or a weekend abroad – a baby outfit couldn’t be more embarrassing. They’ll be crying like a little baby by the end of the night after all the pranks and forfeits you’ll have them doing.

Old Lady

This could be the stag’s last night of freedom in a long, long time. This time next year your grandma will probably have more of a social life, with nights out being a thing of the past! You may as well go and get your perm now. Get yourself down to the local charity shop and buy every last knitted cardi and set of pearls!


Club Tropicana

Rock the coconut bra and the fruit bowl hat, and dig out your childhood lei because it’s time to go to Club Tropicana (and hopefully drinks really will be free)! Whether you’re hitting the town or hosting your own tiki party – this is a great way feel like you’re in Hawaii without having to pay for it. Hoola Hoola!

Angels and Devils

It’s your last chance to be a devil before the big day! Dress the bride in a white dress and halo, with her devils dressed in red and donning their devil horns. Plan some cheeky hen party games and enjoy colour coordinated drinks throughout the night –add an extra touch of naughtiness with your very own butler in the buff!

Mad hatters

The perfect theme for a bride who’s a lover of all things quirky and vintage-inspired. Incorporate some fun games in between mouthfuls of Victoria sponge and prosecco – it’s a great way to get the whole hen party together before things get out of hand later on!

Dressing up for a stag or hen do can leave a lasting memory, albeit one the hen or groom might want to forget (“Remember that time when you got tied to a lamp post dressed as a chicken wing?”), so get your thinking caps on and get creative. Just remember; if you’re paintballing, opt for outfits with a little more padding!

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