Which Sport Should Paintball Replace at the Olympics?

Which Sport Should Paintball Replace at the 2016 Olympics?

When it comes to showing off athletic prowess - there’s no event quite like the Olympics. But our question is; why isn’t paintball included? With events such as tug of war and underwater swimming having made an appearance at previous Olympics, we’re sure there’s an argument for paintball to be named an Olympic sport, too!

There’s already a paintball world cup including teams such as San Diego Dynasty and Moscow Red Legion, the next logical step is the Olympics!

To be in the Olympics, a sport must be recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) but even then, it may not be included. For example, bowling and chess are recognised but not included. We’re sure that if bowling can be recognised, paintballing can!

Olympic sports must work to make the sport more appealing - what’s more appealing than shooting people with paintballs? Plus, paintball requires discipline; it has rules and includes competition as required by all Olympic sports – should we just submit the form to the IOC now?

We’ve made a list of the most undeserving sports in the Olympics, and we want to know what you paintball fans think! Which sport should paintball replace at the Olympics? Let us know in the poll below…