Archery Tag Prices

Mayhem Archery Tag lets you jump into the boots of your favourite Bow wielding Hero, and with two hours of non-stop action, you'll be shooting apples off your friend's heads in no time! 

During our sessions, you will get to grips with the basic archery skills, with the help of some target practice, before you are taken into our archery tag fields to battle it out! 

Our sessions are £25 pp 2 for hours, which includes all equipment, induction, target practice and archery tag games on our Inflatable field, as well as our Hunger Games map.

The minimum number of participants for a group booking is 8 players, however, if you have a smaller group please contact us on 01708688517 and we will try and find an already populated session we can fit you into. 

The minimum age for Archery Tag is 15 years old.

Session Times Available:

10am – 12am / 1pm – 3pm / 3pm - 5pm

Archery Tag Game Rules

Teams are normally 5-a-side.

Archery Tag has two objectives:

  • Eliminate the opposite team, OR
  • Knock out the oppositions 5 x discs out of their target.

So if you completely eliminate the other team, or knock out their 5 x discs out of the target, you are the winner!

To eliminate a player, you must tag them with an arrow OR catch one of their arrows in mid-flight!

Do not worry if you are tagged early in-game though, teammates can bring eliminated players back into the game by either:

  • Knocking out an opponents disc out of their target (1 x player per disc), OR
  • Catching an opponents arrow in mid-flight 
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