Mayhem Tactical is coming to the Mayhem Big Game...

2024 we will have new field for Mayhem big game :) 

Friday games start at 10:00 am till 6 pm Meeting point for all games is the Jet in the trade area!

Saturday morning walkon games 10am-4pm then the Mega game for everyone 4-6pm! 

Check out 2022 Mayhem Big Game Magfed video:



Mayhem MagFed offers games specifically designed for players who use mag-fed, tac-caps, and limited loaders during the Big Game

There is a dedicated magfed ticket available giving entry to Friday and Saturday only;

Friday games run 11:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00am - 1pm walkon missions, 1:45 meet for the Big Magfed games 2pm - 7pm.  

Magfed players are welcome to join the main game on Sunday. (Please note you will need a full Big Game ticket) FSR will be allowed, FSR Chono limit will be 280fps.




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