Mayhem Tactical is coming to the Mayhem Big Game...

Mayhem Tactical is games specifically designed for players who use mag-fed, tac-caps and limited loaders. 

The Mayhem Big Game will have a full schedule of games designed specifically for Tactical players.

Friday the 23h of August, we will be running tactical games from 5 pm until 9:30 pm across some of our fantastic playing areas, and under the floodlights for players to experience something completely different out early evening game will be intense in the low light.

Saturday the 24th of August, we are running mag-fed games from 11 am until 6 pm, including a tactical-only magfed big game.  Mayhem is packed with tanks, helicopters, planes and much more as well as having the guys from Hostile Intentions to run the games.   :-)

Sunday the 25th of August, is the Big Game itself where the whole site is converted into one huge playing area, Magfed players will be allowed to use First strike chrono limit is 280 fps.