Low impact Adult Paintballing

Low Impact Paintball - Team building at Mayhem.

Try our new Low impact paintballing for adults, all the fun of paintballing with your friends, just without the sting when you’re shot! The paintballs produce 1/3 of the impact of usual paintballing by using a smaller ball, traveling at a lower speed. Groups will still get to play a selection of some of the UK’s best playing area’s including Call of Duty maps, such as Shipment and Bog, and areas featuring Russian battle tanks, planes, helicopters, forts, and much more.  

If you're feeling adventurous, we also offer multi-activity packages, so you can add It’s a knockout, Airsoft, Archery tag, or Laser tag to your session! As all activities are run regularly here on site, we can easily put together a package that suits your team, be it paintball, laser tag, or a combination of our activities.

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  • Exclusive event arranged to suit your requirements
  • Full kit – safety gear & freshly laundered combat suit
  • A dedicated team of staff
  • Choice of 16 purpose-built game maps
  • Numerous game objectives graded ‘Easy to Extreme’
  • Group photographs
  • We also have indoor, heated conference rooms to hire