Airsoft Walkons!

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Airsoft walk-ons at Mayhem!

We run regular walk-on’s for players who want to play Airsoft on a regular basis and welcome both new players and veterans!

Mayhem has a vast selection of fields ranging from CQB, to woodland, including replica Call of Duty maps Bog and Shipment meaning there’s something for everyone.

Our two main events are Sunday Sessions held on the first Sunday of the month, and our infamous Saturday Night Fights!

Sunday sessions run from 09:00-16:00 and feature games in our separate Airsoft fields. As well as some of the best playing areas’s in the UK we provide indoor heated and lit staging areas, free powerpoints, and free tea all day!

Saturday Night Fights run from 15:00-21:00 across parts of the site not usually available to Airsoft. We have floodlit fields meaning once the light has gone meaning the fight truly does happen at night! Bring your tracers, torches, and prepare for battle!

We would like to grow airsoft, which in turn means you have more people to shoot at! If you have a friend who would like to get involved, we offer a rental package for £15 on top of the entry ticket. Our rental package includes a Tippmann M4 assault rifle with 3 mags, googles, and camo overalls.  Ammo is not included but can be purchased on the day! 

Walk-on rules:

1 - Don't be a D***, if you need to ask if it's a D*** move, it probably is.

2 - No moaning, swearing, or shouting at other players if you have a problem speak to a marshall

3 - No blank firing or shooting at any time outside of the playing areas, all guns must have a barrel sock on when not in the game.

4 - No keyhole shooting, you must be able to fit your head through the gap you are shooting through, although you be shot through a smaller hole.

5 - No surrender or "BANG" rule, if you are behind someone be nice, don't be a D***

6 - Under 18s must wear full face protection. If you are not wearing a full face protection expect to get shot in the face.

7 - Pyro must be authorised by a marshal before use, nothing higher than a MK5 may be permitted on site. Shotgun and 9mm primers are strictly banned.

8- No full auto within 10m

9 - Snipers and DMR 30m engagment

10 - All guns to be crono'd on 0.2g BB's - this is non negotiable, AEG'S 350, DMR 450, Bolt action 500 FPS

Mayhem Events FPS limits :

Please arrive early to the chronograph, you will be required to Chrono with a 0.2 and we will spot check on field! 

AEG : 350fps using 0.2g bb

Pistol : : 350fps using 0.2g bb
DMR : 450fps using 0.2g bb)
Bolt Action: 500fps using 0.2g bb


Pre-paid entry for the walk-on is £25.00pp, or £30 on the day. 

Rental tickets including all equipment needed to play are £50.00. We ask, where possible, you prebook your rental equipment please


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