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Mayhem Buys Helicopters


We are now the proud owners of 3 helicopters.

Tottenham come to play


Mayhem was the proud host to the Tottenham football first team.

Kidz Klub is announced!


If your 12- 18, join the Kidz Klub! Not only do you get discounted games whenever you play with us AND 5% off any paintball equipment, but you also get a FREE GAME EVERY MONTH. And best of all, it's free to join for a limited time!

Mayhem Paintball's all new website is launched


To improve our service to you, we have launched a brand new website, complete with a picture gallery featuring some pictures that players have sent to us after their big day, and even an automatic invitation maker for birthdays and stag days!

Tank Convoy! field is released


Mayhem has unveiled its all new field, Tank Convoy! Our 40 tonne ex-military tank has been stunningly arranged with 2 accompanying full-size armoured personnel carriers in an attack and defend mission. Players use the tank for cover, get inside the APC's and even use the special turret that has been modified to fire paintballs! goes online!


Mayhem publish a dedicated web site for walk on days, a monthly event whereby our more experienced customers can play amongst themselves with their own equipment.

Mayhem Paintball buys a tank!


To add to the endless individuality and excitement of our site, we have secured a genuine 40 tonne ex-army tank - as seen in the iraq war.

Mayhem Paintball has a conference room redesign


The acclaimed conference room facility for our corporate guests has had an extension, redesign and has no got two large windows looking out onto our floodlit urban playing area, so now night or day the excitement of paintball can be enjoyed from inside the conference room.

Mayhem Launches our new website


Mayhems new website goes live let us know what you think we would be greatful for your feed back.