Jude Law Conference Room Renovation


At Mayhem we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve and add to the service we give to our customers and augment the facilities we have so that every visitor to Mayhem leaves with fantastic memories of an amazing day at a top notch venue. 

The latest phase of our constant evolution and drive for a better service is our recent extension to our Jude Law suit (named after one of our most famous visitors) this already fantastic facility has been more than doubled in size and is now capable of accommodating more than 110 guest seated be it for our fantastic range of kids birthday parties or our amazing corporate events . It has plastered and most importantly well insulated walls, a tiled floor and is constantly heated so no matter what the weather outside you can feel toasty warm when you come back in from the outdoor fun. This extremely versatile space is well suited to hosting conferences business meetings company buffets and Kids birthday parties. We can arrange the layout of the room to suit any purpose you require to accommodate your event in style and comfort.

Jade Law Paintball Conference Room

Jamie Olivers 15 at Mayhem


Every year we proud to have Jamie Olivers apprentaship scheme 15 come to Mayhem, i think Fifteen is a great idea its away to get young people in to the catering industry, and teach them vauable life skills.  The idea is to keep young people out of trouble and make something of there lives.  Every year they take a new intake of apprentices between the ages of 18-24 yrs.  Young men and woman need help and diretion in life at Mayhem we have had a few apprentinces and its definatly a great way to gain expereince and from it become employable.  Jamie desvers a lot of credit for putting his neck on the line and helping people make something of there lives.

Like all apprinceships Fifteen London is a 12-month Programme combining expereince  with on-the-job-based learning (65 per cent), and will personal develope young people (11 per cent) with small about of college-based work (8 per cent) . With apprentiships they are not just training courses as you learn on your feet in the place of work which is a far better experince then a normal college course. 


Laser Mayhem comes runner up in Star awards best party catagory





Laser Mayhem has come runner up in the best party catagory voted by the readers of Childrens Magazine PRIMARY TIMES STAR AWARDS, this is a massive honour when you consisder who we are competing against and we are just a small family buisness.  competing against Zoos, theme parks ect.  This is a massive acholade as to get reconised is such a competative markets says a lot for all the hard work we have put in.

The 2014 Awards were voted by the readers of Primary times, a nationwide magazine campioning the best places and best buisness for families and young childern, "all the winners have been selected by votes from our readers" Nick Cousisns publisher of primary times.  “The number of votes and the diversity of nominations show that our readers clearly feel very passionately about the places they visit with their families. It wasn’t just about the well-known places to visit either. Many of the smaller attractions and businesses in Essex were nominated by readers who they felt offered good service or value for money. The results show that having great places to visit locally is still an important part of family life in Essex .”

The winners of Primary Times in Essex Star Awards 2014 have just been released.  The awards, running for the first time this year, champion the best places and best businesses within Essex for families with young children. All the winners have been selected solely by votes from the readers of Primary Times in Essex.

Primary Times is an excellent magazine for childern and what to do in your local area it is a free ‘What’s on and Where to Go’ guide specifically perfect for families who are looking to entertain there children aged 4-11.  As it is by monthly published just before each school holiday 6 times a year.  W

Primary Times Star Award winners were compiled from unique email entries , postal entries, and this year online voting ( but only one vote per computer) from readers of our magazine Primary Times in Essex between 9th Oct and 9th Dec 2013


Mayhem Paintball News


Mayhem Big game news, we are getting prepared for this year’s which will be the 4th of the series and our 6th game.  The 2014 Mayhem big game is the only big paintball game in and around London, last year we had nearly 500 players on the Sunday the game ran over the weekend both days.  This year we want to hit over 500 paintball players and we are also having games running on the Friday as camping will be open from Thursday.  Again Stuart Friell from the Prince regent supplying the bar, it will be serving cold beers, spirits and soft drinks over the weekend and help us provide a great atmosphere with players all-round the country coming to London.  Our game  is unique in the sense it’s the only game I know of where you can watch paintball have a beer and relax and mingle with loads of picnic tables, easy listening music in the back ground it’s a really relaxed social event. 

Anyone who has been to Mayhem will know we have amazing playing fields with so many military Tanks, Planes, Helicopters, APC’s, Land rovers and much more we are always adding to the site.  The Last two years we have added more and more to the field made it bigger so this year again we will be adding more improvements for the Mayhem big game, we plan to add the upstairs to the town, and we have 2 new helicopters to add to the field. 

The Biggest companies in paintball are all jumping on board with the Mayhem game we are growing fast in reputation and now it is one of 3 must play games in the UK,

Tippmann the world’s biggest company when it comes to scenario paintball, are fully behind the Mayhem game and are making us one of their games for 2014. This is massive they trying to line up Greg Hasting, from the Xbox game to come across the pond to the UK to play our game that would be huge Greg is a top guy we used to play against in the America when he played for XSV one of the top American teams in the NPPL although we didn’t know him very well as he was on a rival team he is a really nice bloke.

Dye the coolest  paintball company are bring the UK number Pro team who will play as special forces and you can have the chance to sign up with Dye and join nexus for the day. 

More scenario teams, word is spreading across the UK about the Mayhem game we have the Scottish warriors rumoured to be coming down this year. 


Christmas vouchers


Mayhem Christmas Vouchers

Christmas vouchers are now being sold at Mayhem at Abridge in Essex. This is an exclusive offer, which is for a limited time only. These vouchers are a perfect gift for christmas, as Mayhem has been rated a 5-star establishment.  It's a great day out, where you can play with and against your friends.  Mayhem Christmas vouchers, is enjoyable for all, so it's a perect christmas present.

The vouchers range from £5 to £25, these can be used to pay for many paintball essentials such as the paint balls used during the day, guns and much much more.

You can grab yourself a Mayhem Christmas voucher by this website - http://www.thepaintballshop.co.uk/category?c=8

Or phoning Mayhem at - 02076005030

Sea King Helicopter Cockpit


We're happy to announce that we've received the cockpit for our Sea King Helicopter!  This will be attached to the main body of the helicopter and will be put onto one of our playing areas in the upcoming weeks.  Where should we put the Sea King!?  Answers on a postcard!


New Sea King Cockpit at Mayhem Paintball Games

Big thanks to everyone who played on Saturday 19-10-13


Thank you to everyone who play last Saturday the 19-10-13 it was our biggest paintball Saturday of the year and ran like a dream, all our customers feedback was awesome, i had 3 different customers tell me how they only play at Mayhem Abridge as feel it is the best site they have ever played at.  It is always great to hear as we put so much effort in to the small things that make your day so much better, like thermal goggle, safe areas on every field, sixteen different playing fields so we don’t cram people in to small playing fields with lots of players we work the opposite way so you have a great day.  We want to provide the best possible experience we can.

Paintball Mayhem Abridge

UCL Law society 10 years Running


A big thanks to UCL Law society for there 10th year running at Mayhem Paintball Abridge, 80 Students again this year attended on the 2nd of october for an evening of paintballing to get to know everytone / team building during freshers week.


James Kindly emailed us back with feedback from this years event, below is a pictures of the red and white team.

Hi Ronnie,
Sorry for the delay with this email, our Fresher's Fortnight has just finished! I just wanted to say thank you for putting on such a good event for us and that it was a pleasure working with you again. I will be sure to give a good write up of the event to my successor to consider when they are putting together the programme for next year. I also wanted to say thank you in particular for your flexibility with our numbers and posting my jacket to me so promptly, it was greatly appreciated!
Kind regards,
James A. Kingston
Social Secretary
UCL Law Society

UCL Law Society 1

London Fashion Week


To Celebrate the end of London Fashion week, Inditex who own global brands such a Zara came to Mayhem for a massive corporate event, i would like to give a big shout out to the Yellow team the overall winners not loosing a game all day.  It was a great day starting at 11 am at Mayhem playing paintball till  6:30pm, then a Hog raost and bar till 10:30pm with entertainment provided by the New Zealand Maori teaching the Haka in front of the bonfire video coming soon!

 Yellow and White team pictured below

teamwinners or the day.  

Crash - New field at Mayhem


Our New and Latest field, i know we only recently brought you Bog, and COD town but now we have Crash with a Massive plane in the middle, Landing craft and Land rovers.  Storm out of the Landing craft and attack the Land Rover convoy.   Only finished this week with a few more additions to follow so keep your eyes peeled for more surprises.

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