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We have brick-built toilets and showers, which is perfect for stag and hen groups wanting to go straight into London for the evening after a great days paintball with us.

We offer all of our customers the latest in paintball technology, we are the only paintball site to give out thermal double glazed goggles which don’t fog up. Our goggles have to be tailor-made as no one makes as standard thermal double glazed goggles, with great protection and comfort.  We are the paintball site in the UK to provide this, this means your goggles are comfortable and steam up which makes your day far more enjoyable and a lot safer. 



 All our guns run on-air rather than CO2. Air is a considerably more expensive technology than CO2, but it is also significantly more reliable. Since we upgraded all our guns to run off the air we have never put our prices up, our customer simply gets the benefits without the extra cost. When a paintball gun is running on air (as opposed to CO2) you don’t get a cloud in front of the barrel when you fire, this cloud can often give your position away in a paintball game. With CO2 there is also a risk that on cold days your gun can freeze up when firing rapidly, also if liquid CO2 gets into a gun it can also freeze o-rings and other sensitive parts rendering the gun unusable. Powering paintball guns with air avoids all these problems.


 Each morning we speed test all our guns to make sure they are all running at the same power and that they are within a specific threshold of the legal limit, some paintball sites don’t even have a chronograph to test their guns.

We abide by the industry standard as to minimum age (set by the UKPSF), which is 12 years old. Any paintball site that willingly takes under 12's will not be insured to do so.

We also offer our lady customers a free chest and back protector, which is much like a bullet proof vest. Our overalls go from XS up to XXXXL and we have plenty of all sizes in stock at any time.







We have been running since 1987, are fully insured and our safety record is second to none. Mayhem Paintball is accredited by the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation(accreditation number 1010), which is the UK's paintball governing body. For more information on the rigorous tests a paintball site has to pass to be accredited by the UKPSF, please visit the UKPSF website.

Mayhem Paintball games are Just inside the M25 near the M11 junction 5 beside Theydon Bois station the central line.

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