Paintball Map - Urban

Scattered with tractors, giant wooden crates and a massive hay barn at the hub of the action, our signature arena is seriously intense – and you’ll need nerves of steel to prevail. It’s 70% under cover and harshly floodlit so you – and your enemies – have no place to hide, which is why paintball nuts come from far and wide to the UK’s toughest hardcore street warfare experience. This really is like no paintball arena you ever fought in.


  • Control the barn as it will allow you get behind the opposing team use the height of the walls of the barn so you can stand up and shoot over the bales.
  • From the bottom end get the coach and snipe the players behind the cars
  • Use the coach to stop people moving down the left hand side
  • Get up to the wooden box it has good angles and allows you to move forward from either end
  • From the top end get the blue car on the far left, it controls the left hand side allows you to move up to the box and also you can stop people moving up out the barn if everything goes wrong.

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