Paintball Map - Tank Convoy

It doesn’t get more real than this. This arena’s key feature is a Russian 38-tonne BMP Tank captured by the British Army in Iraq and smuggled back to Blighty as a trophy! We at Mayhem managed to get our hands on it after it was discovered in a random inspection, confiscated and decommissioned. And that’s not all – as well as a load of army Jeeps, we have two British Army 432 Armoured Personnel Carriers with mounted paintball machine guns. With machine-gun fire raining down from fortifications on all sides you can use the 250-foot treeline for some kind of cover in the hope of seizing the fuel depot and ammo dump. Good luck out there – cos you’re sure gonna need it!


  • Sneak down through the tree line on the ammo dump side.
  • Power your way though the opposing teams heavily fortified defences using covering fire from the APCs though to the Fuel Depot.
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