Paintball Map - Aeroplane Wood

As the name suggests, this arena is dominated by the gutted wreckage of a giant crashed passenger plane. Somewhere inside is an attaché case containing Top Secret documents: information that could determine the outcome of this war.


  • Your tactics are a matter of life or death in this challenging arena. Do you employ ‘Shock and Awe’ to storm the empty fuselage and make it your stronghold from which you can pin down the entire battlefield? Or do you use Special Forces stealth and wait till the enemy have retrieved the documents before executing a surgically-planned ambush?
  • Either way, you’ve got to negotiate your way to your extraction point. The cautious will minimise casualties by utilising the cover of the riverbed with silent stealth while the hot-blooded risk the treacherous central ridge where your silhouette makes a terrifyingly easy target.
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