Paintball Map - Bridge wood

This arena’s set in a long strip of beautiful woodland bisected by a stream, but don’t let the surroundings make you drop your guard: things can get pretty damn ugly down there! The evidence of just how ugly is still there in the shape of genuine debris from World War II when this arena saw real action as part of the neighbouring airstrip. Use the six bridges across the stream to make your approach as you lay the newly built, nigh-on impregnable fort under seige – or brave the icy waters if you dare! 


  • Holding the fort? Keep your eyes peeled for an onslaught from the stream’s hidden depths. On the attack? Don’t let the woodland cover fool you – you’re going to emerge into wide-open space where you’re vulnerable as hell. So use the thinned-out trees and the strategically placed barricades for cover as you inch your way forward under fire!
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