BZ Paintball top 10 paintball sites in the UK


BZ Paintball, the UK's biggest paintball mega-store has released their top 10 paintball sites in the UK. 

We have visited 8 of the sites on the top 10, and we think they are all excellent paintball venues.  Reading through the paintball venues, we're delighted to announce that they have voted Mayhem as the UK's #1 paintball site!  Check out the full list here on the BZ Paintball blog, it's split into 2 sections, 6th to 10th and then 1st to 5th!

BZ Paintball Screen Shot

Mayhem Militia does Borderlands


Over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of June the Mayhem Militia went to the Borderlands Big Game at Outpost Paintball in Chester for their first ever big game, and I've got to say it was an absolute blinder.

The teams were split into two, Hyperion which I (David Hodder) was generaling for and the opposition was the Dahl's led by Rob Davis from BUPS, who I should say is an absolute gent and a real top bloke.

The Militia had 8 players, Pete and Ben Raffael, Eddie Quigley, Barry Phillips, Mike Watson, Mark Robinson, our token northern Pete Finnegan and myself.

We rocked up on site on the Friday about 5pm, and set up camp on their freshly mowed camp site, which was about 100m from the staging area and immediately cracked open a beer.  As we didn't take the van, instead of taking the huge 4 man tent I invested in a £16 pop up tent.  Here's a rule for life guys...


We walked the site on the Friday evening, and I must say I was impressed with the set up and the guys had clearly been working on the new staging area so looked like they could do with a few beers..  Beers and Jager commenced at the party on the Friday evening and the DJ's were full blown festival DJ's so were used to rowdy drunk southerners! 

Militia banner at Borderlands

The Saturday games were played on various maps but split up into sections, and there was some serious fire fights on the differing maps including some cool features like a massive bridge, buildings, pill boxes, trenches and much more.  Here's a few photos from the Mayhem Militia lads and around the site:  All photos credit to:  Axon Photography

The Sunday was the main game, and was split into two halves morning and afternoon.  The games had 5 entry points, which alternated between the two teams on the hour.  We started the game at the far end of the field, and executed a master plan of pinching the other team with the Militia starting one end, and our friends from Asylum Paintball started at the near side and we essentially destroyed the Dahl's team from both sides and dominated the morning session, pushing them back to their spawn points across the whole field.  I particularly enjoyed shooting Richard from Outpost Paintball, who was playing for the other team!

The lunch break saw us leading 21-9, so we decided to take it easy in the afternoon to give the Dahl's a chance.  What a mistake that turned out to be.  Instead of executing a master plan in the afternoon, we left our guys to their own devices and just concentrate on shooting people!  The afternoon session was immense, some truly spectacular firefights where we concentrated on having fun and shooting their boys off the park. 

When the results came in that we narrowly lost, I actually felt the shock from my lads.  We 100% absolutely shot them off the park all day, and I'm sure their boys felt that!  It turned out in the afternoon they had guys running on the field collecting the crates (which gave you points) without guns to try and catch up on the score!  Fair play to them guys.

We had an absolute blast the whole weekend, and I look forward to next year!

Big thanks to the Outpost team, especially Jonno, Rich and Dale, all of the Militia lads for all the laughs throughout, the Asylum lads, Glen, Ronnie and co, and everyone who made the weekend such a massive laugh.

See you in 2016!

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Mayhem Militia does Operation Overlord 2015


Militia lads at operation overlord

Over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of June, the Mayhem Militia went to Operation Overlord at the excellent Prozone paintball site in Annan, Scotland.  Operation Overlord is a new scenario game at the same site as England Vs Scotland, and sees two teams The British which had two generals, myself (David Hodder) and Stuart Mayo from NPF playing against the Germans who were headed up by Thomas Banks from BZ Paintball and Willie McPhelim from the Scottish Warriors paintball team.

Camping was also available on the Friday and Sunday evenings, so we decided to drive up super early on the Friday morning and we arrived on site around 12-1pm.  We had 5 players from the Militia to make the trip, and we had the van on the way up so we took all the essentials and then some including a BBQ, fire pit and gazeebo!

The lads who made the trip up for the Militia were Mick and George Hardy, Shaun Wilson, Brad Williams and myself.  We set up camp, had some lunch and then headed up to the staging area, which was about 50m from where we were camping. 

We headed over to get booked in, which was really quick and easy, and I was impressed how well organised they were.  We had a few beers and the jagermeister came into full flow.

The Saturday morning was something of a crazed blur, not just because of the Jager, but also during the night the wind must have been mental because our tents took a battering!  Our gazebo was demolished, so we set about righting the camp.

Then came the games, and some were absolutely breathtaking. 


 This is a shot from the beach landing game, where we had to assault an actual beach.  This was absolutely brutal.  The German's were literally shooting fish in a barrel, but did that stop us?  Hell no!  This was an unadulterated hardcore paintball action, and boy was it fun.  The problem for us, was we were so close together and they had concentrated fire, so we lost a lot of numbers very quickly, but I love this photo from just after the break where we are storming towards the Germans....

Beach Landing

The rest of the games, took place over the main site which is mainly woodland and has some awesome features like WWII style bunkers/buildings, a kill house, bridges, a massive lake and strong hold fort with two storey towers.  We had some great fire-fights through-out the event and by the end of the Sunday, I thought my legs would actually fall off.  We didn't play the last slapstick game, but we did watch and that was a great laugh, some people really went for it, and unfortunately us not playing the slapstick game I think may have cost us the win.  The score was super tight, but the Germans just pipped us to the post, so a big well done to our rival generals Willie and Thomas, although I must admit I think the scoring must be off because it felt like we hammered them every time we went out (I blame Stacey), and a big thank you to Stuart Mayo, his lads at NPF and the rest of the British team for their hard work, and especially those fought shoulder to shoulder with us at the beach landing game.  Great effort lads.

A fantastic event, that we will definitely be attending in 2016.

A huge thank you to the crew at Prozone, especially Taz, Tracey, Stacey (except your dodgy scoring Stace!) and the marshals who were absolutely fantastic.

So in short,

Good stuff:  Site was awesome, staff were even better, 3000 and 4500psi fills, drone was flying about filming, and a great time had by all.

Bad stuff:  Wind (it was insane on the Friday night!)

One last thank you to the Mayhem lads who made the trip up with me, George, Mick, Brad and Shaun.  It was emotional :-)


BBC need your help


The BBC would love to have you help take part in there new TV show, details are below, so please share :) 

COD vs Battlefield Scenario Day


COD vs Battlefield Paintball Scenario

Battlefield Vs COD Scenario Day:  Thursday 28th of May

During the upcoming school half term, Mayhem will be hosting a special scenario day based on the epic computer games Call Of Duty and Battlefield.  We will be playing a variety of different multiplayer game missions from both games on our movie set playing areas, including of course our replica COD map. 


If you book and pay in full by Monday for any pre-pay package, and use promo code:  BATTLECOD at the checkout, and you will get £4 off of our pre-pay package deals.

Click here to book your place, or call us on 01708 688517


Missile Command
Mission – Heist (Battlefield)
Objective – The shed labelled bank will contain duffel bags. Attacking team starts at Japanese end, their objective is to go to the bank and plant the drill (Black case) and take the duffel bags back to their base to win. After planting the drill a marshal will set off a smoke grenade to signal the planting and the duration of the smoke grenade indicates how long the drill takes to crack open the vault. After that the attacking team must take the bags to their base to win. The defending team have to either hold off the attacking team for 15 minutes or eliminate the entire team.
Air Assault
Mission – Domination/Conquest (Call of duty/Battlefield)
Objective- Three double ended flags to be placed around the field. On the tank, the green jeep located by bog and the Plane in the middle. Teams will be assigned a flag and they must have the most flags up at the end of the 15 minute time period.
Beach Landing/Crash
Mission- Crosshair (Battlefield)
Objective- Attacking team(Police): Starts at the Landing craft and has a VIP indicated with a flag around their arm and an Uzi upgrade gun.The objective of the attacking team  is to either eliminate the other team or Get their Vip to the opponents base (The helicopter)
Defending(Criminals): The defending team must either Eliminate the enemy VIP by headshot only or to stop them from getting the VIP to the helicopter in the assigned time limit.
Bridge Wood
Mission- Rescue (Battlefield)
Defending team (Criminals): The defending team will start in the fort, there will be two hostages (dummies) for them to defend, one in the fort and one on the bridge. Their objective is to stop the attacking team (Swat) from rescuing the hostages. They will need to defend the hostages for 15 minutes.
Attacking team (Swat): The objective of the attacking team is to go and rescue the hostages from the defending team. They must rescue one of the hostages and return it to their base. They have 15 minutes to do this and will have smoke grenades placed by marshals to help their progress.
Mission- Kill Confirmed
Each team will have a coloured armband (Red or yellow this is not their team tapes) When a player is eliminated they must take the armband off and drop it in the spot they were eliminated in. After a player is eliminated, live players can collect the arm bands and they count towards the final total.  First team to 50 armbands wins.

Mayhem Paintball Photo


We love feedback from our customers:

'Hi, We had a party of 12 today at your paintball centre at Pryors Farm, we all had a fantastic time.  I took what I think is a good photo, which i have attached.  You are welcome to use it on your website:'


Thank you, it's a great photo, and is too good not to share!

North vs South


This weekend is North vs South, the biggest paintballing game in the UK, with 1800 players last year its more of a bank holiday weekend festival than a game of paintball.  People camp, there is a bar and games running saturday and sunday.  We have attenended the last 5 years and Peter Rafeal from the Mayhem Militia has been 10 years running.  The concept is genius the North of the country against the south yes it does sound a bit game of thrones like.  The area is vast you can walk for ages and not find anyone to shoot, there is a minibus service to take you to the action.  With Lips, Just, BZ all in attendace there is also a great selection of trade stands, so if your bored call Warped sports and book a ticket.


8000 Facebook Likes


To celebrate Mayhem hitting 8,000 Facebook likes, we will be running a promotion until the 1st of May 2015.  Book any adult pre-pay package and use the promo code in the comments section '8000friends' when paying online here: or quote 'Facebook deal' if you're booking over the phone on 01708 688517.

The UKPSF what does it all mean


UKPSF commitee

The UKPSF what does it all mean?

The United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF), has been headed, run and a passion of Steve Bull for 20 odd years. Now, the main goals for the UKPSF are to get sports recognition for paintball and to stop paintball being banned, which happens every time some crazy nutbag gets a gun and goes on a rampage like in Dumblane back in 1996. Now please forgive me as I was a bit hungover during the last, well all the conferences! but the UKPSF believes we can get sports recognition for paintball, which has alluded them for years, but I will get back to this later on and the benefits of paintballing being a sports (tax breaks and lottery / sports funding for teams).

Last year, Steve stepped down as being mainly a one man band for 20 years from his role as the UKPSF chairman, and he handed over the reins. Up stepped Bob Schofield from Harrogate Paintball, the new UKPSF Chairman. After a trial year Bob was finally elected as the UKPSF’s official chairmen on the 16th of March, 2015, along with the new committee which is made up of:

Don Logan, owner of Adrenalin Jungle and a regular player back in the day, and still plays a few time a year is in charge of site Membership. A night out with Don should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Ledz, a pioneer and legend of paintball who owns Planet Eclipse, played for Banzai and Nexus, and now the Sandbaggers who is in charge of trade, and was my nemesis for many a year, that a side, he’s a top bloke.

Kayleigh Stanton, the secretary for the UKPSF and organiser of player memberships, and surrently plays for Ultra Violet and her dad is Mike Stanton who owns a couple of very good paintball sites near Bristol along with Jock McCracken. Kayleigh was born in to paintball, and is the kind of person we need on the committee, young and plays for GB’s female team.

Jock McCracken another legend and top bloke, owns Skirmish Bristol with Mike Stanton. I first met Jock back in 1998 at the Mayhem Masters where we were refereeing the same field. The Treasurer for the UKPSF.

James Gregory from Phoenix, going to be honest no idea who he is but I hear good things, and Craig Pattison from the Scottish Warriors paintball team and you will see him playing lots of scenario and big game events, although hopefully not in a kilt, are jointly in charge of players membership. Join the Facebook page:

Don Logan and Ainsley from CPPS are in charge of site membership.

Jock and Kayleigh also are the UKPSF call centre.

Support (not sure what this means) but, Jamie Paggett is another top bloke, John Evans from Outpost Paintball, Scott Rathbone is apparently the man to go for any technical questions, and that guy who you see everywhere Erik Anthony, you will have seen him if you have been to any paintball event one of the biggest characters around often taking photos and laughing.

Steve Bull, is now honourary president of the UKPSF, and I can’t speak highly enough of this gentle northern warrior, a genuinely great bloke who has sacrificed his own business and personal gain for the good of paintball.

Coming soon to the UKPSF will be a membership management system so you can become members, ho help get paintball recognised as a sport, and that then opens up the possibility of sport funding from the lottery and local government. There will be 2 types of membership available, one will be free (light membership) and one you will need to pay for (full membership and includes player’s insurance).

Membership will get you discounts with a variety of suppliers including Warped, BZ, Skirmish Bristol, Mayhem and many more.

I have seen a lot of negativity on Facebook regarding the UKPSF, now I don’t want to get into politics, especially on first strike, but I like to see every side of the coin. What people need to consider is the UKPSF is there to protect paintball, every time a nutter goes on a shooting rampage like Dumblane, it’s Steve Bull who has come to the rescue, and he is the first port of call for the Home Office and believe me if it was not for Steve, paintball would very likely have been banned. This role will now pass onto the UKPSF committee. Steve has given 20 years of his life to the UKPSF and has brought the industry a lot closer together, probably without even realising it. The annual conference gets the traders and sites together, talking and sharing ideas and does help paintball. 

What people have to remember is he only one man, and one man and Tracey who cannot be forgotten who has put his business and own personal gain a side thanklessly over the years. The UKPSF has tried hard to get paintball to become a sport and this is one of the goals. If it happens it will bring a lot of benefits which we can discuss another time.

I see a different side as I have grown up in paintball, travelled the world playing literally lived and breathed it all my life. I actually have lived most of my life on a paintball site. I know it’s hard for people to see from the outside what the UKPSF does but I think you have to remember it has really been one man with a few helpers here and there till this year.

Book now