What is Speedsoft?

If you've played airsoft before, you'll know that a lot of the game styles are based on some sort of milsim scenario. Airsoft has grown in popularity over the last few years, and with this, variants of the sport have taken off and are beginning to become established game play styles. Among these is speedsoft, a stark contrast to the well known milsim style games.

Speedsoft is fast-paced and typically lends to a more aggressive style of play. It requires speed and quick thinking in order to reach your objective and eliminate your opponents. While traditional airsoft players seem to play in full military loadouts, equipped with tactical rigs and sometimes even ghillie suits, speedsoft players often opt for a more minimal loadout, as the game requires rapid movements, slides, dives and quick shooting. 

The guns used in speedsoft aren't much different from those used in other types of airsoft play. Due to the fast paced nature of the game, players often opt for lightweight pistols and compact rifles. If you're looking for a recommendation, go for AEGs that are specialised for CQB, and don't bring a sniper rifle. If you do use an AEG, you'll likely want to change some internal parts to increase your rate of fire. 

As well as moving fast, you'll also need to shoot fast. Many players opt for a hi-capa pistol, or even a custom pistol, changing the internal parts for a faster and more accurate weapon. Hi-capas are highly customisable, with standard 32 round mags that can be extended to a 50 round capacity. Another popular choice is the G&G CM16 Carbine Light Airsoft Rifle - lightweight adn aggressive, the compact rifle is built for close quarters combat.

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