Airsoft at Mayhem


Airsoft at Mayhem

Mayhem offers an Airsoft experience for players interested in playing more regularly or just looking for an unforgettable day out. Our standard sessions start from a 2-hour all-inclusive package, Click here for our Call of Duty Airsoft Experience

Airsoft is a competitive sport utilising replica weaponry with a focus on tactical gameplay. The sport uses BBs that hurt less on impact than paintballs and offers a range of games within a session that are fun and aim to offer something for everyone. Many players notice that Airsoft is more tactical, often following a sort of military simulation, as bbs are so small and leave no apparent mark on a player, the game relies on honesty and the players acknowledging when they've been shot

Airsoft Walk Ons at Mayhem

For players who have their own equipment we run ‘walk-on’ events, these are all-day skirmish events playing across various fields with different missions, objectives, and themes. More information on our walk-on events can be found here regular players.

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