Saturday the 2-8-14


Thank you to everyone who came and played paintball on the 2-8-14 it was great to meet you all and the picutres are up on facebook, thank you for the feedback we also ways look to improve and Mayhem does get better year on year.  I believe it is the secret to our sucess how we keep improving and adding new fields, Helicopters, forts tanks ect. 

Thank you for your kind words Ammanda.

Hey Ronnie,


Oh, we all had a fantastic time!  Everyone who’s been before said it was the most fun they’ve had with paintball.  ^_^  Thank you so much for helping me organise it. 


Kind Regards,


Amanda NK Caldeira
Training Manager


Mayhem Sponcers GGSK School win Essex cup again


The Under 19s who preformed at a high level to retain the (London Schools Cricket Association Shield) L.S.C.A. Shield. Being the first winners of this competition last year, in the same year the first time the shield was set up as a competition, then to retain it. Thanks to our sponsor Mayhem Paintball/Laser the boys have been given cricket kit they can be proud of, in looking as one team, arriving as a unit all looking smart and prepared for the game ahead.


Paintball on a budget: Etha vs Maxxed Rail vs Empire Mini


We've put together a review of 3 of the best budget electronic paintball markers into a video.  We opted to go for Planet Elcipse's Etha, Empire's Invert Mini and Dye's Maxxed Rail, and we go through the markers in detail and compare the good and bad parts of each marker and which one we recommend getting.  All guns get a basic accessment and then are shot, and we show the spacing achieved with 100 shots.  We then give our verdict on what we think is the best marker for the money.  We have created a special pacage deal on all 3 x markers which can be purchased from our online store.  Links to buy the deals are below the video.  We hope you enjoy!

The Invert Mini Package Deal:

The Etha Package Deal:

The Maxxed Rail Package Deal:

For more information, please get in touch with us on 01708 688517.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Maxxed Rail Review


Proto Maxxed Rail Review

I got my hands on a new Maxxed Rail, and what can I say?  Awesome... You would never believe this gun is only £270!  Shoots like a dream, has all the usual firing modes with a metal clamping feedneck, on/off ASA, AND the eyepipe from the higher models.  BUY ONE NOW before Dye realise they should be selling these for a much higher price!

Buy one here:

LV1 Review at Mayhem


Check out the new LV1 paintball gun from Planet Eclipse, great gun (arguably the best on the planet) and not one for the faint hearted.  You can buy yours online at our online store here

Bridge Body Arrives


Bridge Project, Day 1

Today we've taken delivery of a 40ft x 9.6ft high cube container which will form the main body of a new bridge.  The container will form part of an enormous bridge and fort complex that will span over the river and extend over the full width of the field. we are curently constructing this massive new structure on Bridge Wood area which will form a major part of the main mission in our amazing Pacific 4 Mayhem Big Game paintball festival Which takes place on the 30th to the 31st of August.

New 40ft containers

Fancy Dress at Mayhem Paintball


Fancy dress paintballing

Check out this stag do's fancy dress for their days paintballing at Mayhem!  Chacters including Ryu and Ken from Streetfighter, Buzz Lightyear, Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman and stag himself?  Well, he had a target and a tutu, obviously.  Thanks for coming guys, and we hope to see you again soon!

stag do fancy dress

mayhem Militia at North vs South


HI Guys last weekend we all went to North vs South the biggest paintball game in the UK it is held in the midlands and 50 of us when up in force from Mayhem.  This year the South won and I am sure of course we had a massive hand in the first South Win for 3 years well I got shot a lot so that must have helped.  From Mayhem we brought 50 hard core players, and after a weekend of shooting Northerners, and there were a lot of them with over 1800 players that is 900 of them to shoot. We won after a hard fought day’s paintballing.

North vs south is one of the oldest and most established on a military base it on one vast playing field with 900 players a side. 

The Mayhem Militia is our scenario site team we play just for fun anyone can join and there are not stipulation to join you can play for other teams the Militia is a basically a big boys club (and girls of course).  This year we also had our own tops printed which are only £30 with your name on the back.  We choose Tiger stripe not only because we thinking it looks really cool but also Mayhem has a long history with London Tigers one of the UK best Paintballs teams, who used to wear Tiger stripe.



We will be writing a review of north vs south the biggest paintball scenario game in the UK very soon. 


Guess The Gun Competition: The Answers and Results


Thank you to everyone who enetered our guess the gun competition, the winner had an impressive 29/32 correct and the lowest got 3/25!  The winner has has won a free ticket to the mayhem big game, and mayhem militia playing gear!

We will be running another competition in June with guns from the last 10 years, keep your eyes peeled!

Here's the guns:

The Answers

1)  Splatmaster

2)  Daystate TG19

3)  Nelspot 007

4)  Sheridan KP2

5)  KP2 Directfeed (or an answer similar)

6)  TAG Nelson

7)  Tippmann 68 Special

8)  Nelspot 007

9)  Nightmare

10)  Line SI Bushmaster

11)  Darkside

12)  Splatmaster Rapide

13)  GZ 1000

14)  Tippmann SMG .62 cal (we accepted just Tippmann SMG)

15)  Sterling Pump

16)  VM68/PM13

17)  Daystate SAM Patriot

18)  Legend/Nemesis

19)  Tipppmann Pro Carbine

20)  PT Extreme

21)  Automag AGD

22)  Soverign

23)  TFX

24)  Tagline

25)  Inferno T3

26)  AK47

27)  SFT Shocker

28)  BT G36

29)  DM9 (although it had the NT on/off so we accepted DM10)

30)  Bravo One

31)  Defender

32)  LV1


Thanks for playing!  


St Georges Flags Flying


St George's flags flying at Mayhem Paintball

In preparation for St George's Day and the FIFA World Cup 2014, Mayhem is proudly flying St George's Flags across the site and where we take our group photos by our Jaguar Jet.  Show your support by having your group photo taken in front of the flags over the next 3 months.


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