Scouts can play paintball

It was not long ago that paintballing was banned for all Scouts so what's changed?

In 2014 after a consultation with all the Scout members there was an overwhelming wish to open up paintball as a scout activity.  From January 2014 the UKPSF the governing body 

Its amazing Paintballing was Banned in the first place as it does embody a lot of what the scouts are about, I fully appreciate that you can argue shooting at each other is against the scout's philosophy however paintballing is not re inactive war we have gone a long way in trying to move away from that stigma.  

83% of scouts voted for Paintballing to be allowed, paintballing is extremely safe providing you play at a UKPSF accredited venue, Mayhem is a 5 star fully accredited UKPSF venue.

The Scouts felt with appropriate risk management measures, paintball is no riskier than activities already available.

All Scout activities are of course optional so all the scout me members can choose if they want to take part or sit out there are so many activities available, not every activity suits every person.

As a paintballing provider, its not only important we make sure the day is as safe as possible, but we also go the extra mile, at Mayhem we giver everyone Thermal goggles for instance so every person has double glazed goggles which are comfortable we do not offer standard rental goggles as they are not up to our standard we have to have our bespoke made, so they are comfy and don't steam up, we also offer safe areas on the playing fields so you can take your goggles off when your out and in between games so your only in your goggles for 10-15 minutes and can get them cleaned,  this ensures everyone has a better day and its a lot safer as people are far less likely to take off their goggles.

Paintballing was originally banned due to, insurance issues, age restrictions, and personal protective equipment being required, now I don't understand why any of this issue arose as to be a UKPSF member all these boxes would have been ticked you have to be insured, and supply all the right safety equipment, not to mention we are inspected, I feel if the scout movement had just used accredit UKPSF venues they would not have had issues in the past.

Interestingly they policy regarding paintballing guns is:

"Paintball guns as well as Nerf guns, laser guns, water pistols, and Airsoft guns) as they are not classed as firearms, you are allowed to shoot at Human targets of course shooting people with firearms are banned in the scout movement.

Strangely though archery tag is banned, I would recommend Laser tag from 7 yrs and up Mini paintballing 8-12 years old and paintballing from 12 years old.

Exporer scouts at Mayhem

Good Evening,

First and foremost my thanks to all of the team at mayhem who made our day with the explorer scouts on Saturday so special.

It really was a great day and I am getting really great feedback. We will be back again next year.

Thanks in advance 
Ilford East District Explorer Scout Commissioner 

It was not long ago the scouts were not allowed to play paintball so its great to see so many scouts at Mayhem enjoying paintballing, with kids spending more time in front of computer games, and TV its ever increasingly important we get kids outdoors and active the scouts, give kids confidence, social skills and discipline.

Back and bigger than ever!

Mayhem’s coming in strong for 2018 and we’re kicking off our It’s a Knockout season with style. Our latest and greatest activity is off to a flying start and the weather’s not going to hold us back from creating life-long memories! Just a few weeks in and hundreds of smiling faces have braved all sorts of weather conditions to come and join in the fun with us here at Mayhem.

Sessions will be running, every Saturday, all through-out the Summer months so if you’re looking to make your stag/hen do extra special then don’t hesitate to book today while you still can! Also taking bookings for corporate events, family functions and social gatherings.

For enquiries and bookings call us on: 01708 688517

Feed back

I must thank you all for an absolutely fantastic day!! Haven't had so much fun in a long time. Our two stewards were great... 

all the bruises and pain today was well worth it 😊


Could you tell me which package we had.. I'm trying to find out how much we owe our organiser as I can't get hold of her at the moment. we were booked under her son's name (jayden Desir)  for yesterday at 9.30.. sorry I put her name yesterday. 

How Do Different Stag and Hen Activities Compare?

Whilst both are an active recognition of the ‘last night of freedom’, stag and hen dos couldn’t be celebrated more differently. Not one stag or hen do is the same – from sports to spa days, city breaks to beach escapes, there are loads of options designed to satisfy every kind of stag or hen!

If you’ve been tasked with planning a stag or hen do this year, then fear not, as we’ve put together a quick, simple guide to help you weigh up the pros and cons of each kind of extravaganza – whether it’s a boozy trip to Blackpool or a sophisticated spa weekend – we’ve got you covered.


Brewery Tour Weekend

Whether it’s abroad or here in the UK, brewery tours are an increasingly popular choice for stag dos. Bratislava is a great location for a brewery tour – it’s extremely cheap and extremely cheerful! A mix of ancient capital and modern tourist destination, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to your usual stag do getaways. A pint of beer is the equivalent of around 50p!

A typical day at the brewery:

Brewery tours can be enjoyed in just about every country across Europe – so choose your destination wisely and make sure it’s somewhere everyone will love. Brewery tour experience days will typically include a tasting session, a tour of the entire brewery and food/refreshments. Some places let you make your own bottle openers to take home, too!

Price: ££

Fun rating: ***

Greyhound Racing

This is a great stag do idea, combining two activities that are sure to be winners amongst stag do attendees – boozing and betting. Typical stag do packages for a night at the dogs include entry, drinks vouchers, meals, and a free bet to start the evening off. Even if you aren’t a winner, you’re guaranteed to have a great time, with plenty of beer to drown your sorrows or raise a glass to your winnings! It’s a cracking way to kick start the evening before things get a little rowdier as you make your way around the pubs and clubs in the city of your choice.

Sheffield is famous for its greyhound racing – check out Owlerton Stadium for more info.

A breakdown of the day: tickets can range from £3 - £15pp for entry. Most places will do package deals for stag dos, including admission and a race card, food, drink and between two to three free bets.

Price: ££

Fun rating: *

Zen Party

For hens who aren’t fancying a particularly crazy weekend, then a zen hen party just might be the perfect option for you! Yoga retreats have become a hit with hen parties over recent years – offering a range of different yoga style classes, afternoon tea, dinner supplied by top chefs, and the key ingredient, of course – prosecco!

What’s involved?

Places like The Well Scene offer bespoke packages for health-conscious brides, which include things like yoga, a healthy brunch, afternoon tea, and dinner supplied by nutritional experts. Prices start at around £35pp.

Price: ££

Fun Rating: *


Beyonce Dance Class

Yep, you read correctly! Dance Party Experience run themed classes, such as Dirty Dancing, Bollywood, and Charleston, for hen parties at studios all over London. It goes without saying that one of their most popular packages is dedicated to the sassy shapes of Queen Bey. Bust some moves in the dance class and then head off into London town for a few cocktails and more dancefloor-based activities!

On the day:

You’ll have a 1-1.5 hour private lesson led by a professionally trained choreographer within a private dance studio. Beyonce dance classes are available in various locations up and down the country, including London, Manchester and Liverpool.

Price: ££

Fun rating: ***


Paintballing is one of the most popular stag and hen do activities and is it any wonder when it combines the outdoors, all your friends, a healthy bit of competition, and a great big belly laugh?! Whether it’s a full day, or just for half the day, paintballing is a perfect way to inject a bit of light-hearted fun into your stag or hen weekend.

Costs and stuff:

You can expect your paintballing stag or hen party to cost between £20-£50 per person. Most stag or hen parties will do paintballing in fancy dress, so make sure you factor in those costs as well! Dependent on the venue, the price of your visit will likely include 100-300 paintballs and use of the overalls.

Price: £££

Fun rating: ****


Party Houses

From self-catering cottages to luxury homes, indulging yourselves in some time away with your nearest and dearest is the best way to throw a hen or stag party! Self-catering accommodation gives you lots of options – cooking a big dinner, hiring caterers to cook one for you, order a takeaway and have a few drinks before heading out on the town, or bring the party to you! Ladies, why not try creating a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ area? Fellas, buy a selection of your favourite ales in mini kegs for your very own bierfest!

What to expect:

You can expect to pay anything between £50-£200 per person dependent on location, party size and length of stay. The luxury of self-catering accommodation is that it’s so flexible, and attendees of the stag or hen can come and go as they please! Check out Group Accommodation for some great stag and hen party houses.

Price: ££££

Fun rating: ***


Wine Tasting

If the stag or hen fancies themselves as a bit of a budding wine connoisseur, why not indulge their senses with a wine tasting experience?

Wine tasting experiences are becoming increasingly popular, and you’ll no doubt find one in your nearest town or city, or visit Wine Unearthed for wine tasting with a twist – including pub-style quizzes and blind tasting challenges. A sophisticated start to the evening, for sure!

The experience:

Wine tasting experiences are available all over the UK, at various venues, and at varying expense. Prices are usually inclusive of entry to wine tasting venue/vineyard, introduction to your sommelier, a tasting of a variety of wines and a lesson on how to taste wine properly!

Price: ££

Fun rating: **


Stag or hen? Best man or maid of honour? Which of these activities tickles your fancy? Tweets us @MayhemPaintball – or if you’ve tried any of these, be sure to give us your verdict!

The Best Stag and Hen do Fancy Dress Ideas

When it comes to stag and hen dos, making the bride or groom dress up as a complete and utter plonker is the name of the game. But if you really want to embarrass your partner in crime before you lose them to the dark side, here are some of the best fancy dress ideas…


Arriba, Arriba! Andale, Andale! Ponchos, sombreros and lots and lots of tequila is all you need to make a stag do amazing. Buy your group a banjo or two, some maracas and insist that every time a trumpet is blown, your stag must do a shot. He’ll be la la la bamba’ing all the way home!

A Baby

If you’re the best man, it’s your job to start the night as you mean to go on. Dressing the stag up as a big baby is definitely apt, considering the amount of drooling and slurring they’ll be doing. If you’re planning an exciting day of stag do challenges such as paintballing (3 points for the person who shoots the stag!), a bar crawl or a weekend abroad – a baby outfit couldn’t be more embarrassing. They’ll be crying like a little baby by the end of the night after all the pranks and forfeits you’ll have them doing.

Old Lady

This could be the stag’s last night of freedom in a long, long time. This time next year your grandma will probably have more of a social life, with nights out being a thing of the past! You may as well go and get your perm now. Get yourself down to the local charity shop and buy every last knitted cardi and set of pearls!


Club Tropicana

Rock the coconut bra and the fruit bowl hat, and dig out your childhood lei because it’s time to go to Club Tropicana (and hopefully drinks really will be free)! Whether you’re hitting the town or hosting your own tiki party – this is a great way feel like you’re in Hawaii without having to pay for it. Hoola Hoola!

Angels and Devils

It’s your last chance to be a devil before the big day! Dress the bride in a white dress and halo, with her devils dressed in red and donning their devil horns. Plan some cheeky hen party games and enjoy colour coordinated drinks throughout the night –add an extra touch of naughtiness with your very own butler in the buff!

Mad hatters

The perfect theme for a bride who’s a lover of all things quirky and vintage-inspired. Incorporate some fun games in between mouthfuls of Victoria sponge and prosecco – it’s a great way to get the whole hen party together before things get out of hand later on!

Dressing up for a stag or hen do can leave a lasting memory, albeit one the hen or groom might want to forget (“Remember that time when you got tied to a lamp post dressed as a chicken wing?”), so get your thinking caps on and get creative. Just remember; if you’re paintballing, opt for outfits with a little more padding!

What’s the best fancy dress costume you’ve ever seen? Tweet us @MayhemPaintball and let us know!

What do Top Sports Players Earn?

Well, the scores are in and it’s no surprise that the top-paid sports players in the world are those at the height of their game...literally. But who are they? What sport do they play? And, more to the point, what are they earning? We’ve scoured Forbes’ Top 100 list of the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes to find the answers for you and we’ve even summarised them here (you can thank us later).

Top Sports Player Earnings Infographic

Okay, so let’s start with the bad news (brace yourselves), even the highest paid professional paintball players unfortunately didn’t make the Top 100. In fact, the best paintball players in the world can only expect to earn about £80,000 per year which, don’t get us wrong, sounds like an epic wedge to play paintball but, compared to the lowest Top 100 earner on £15.6m, it goes to show the incredible earning potential of the elite sports stars.

Predictably, footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo ranks Number 1 as not only the top paid football player, but the top paid sports superstar worldwide. Combining his salary and endorsements, his earnings comes in at a whopping £66m – safe to say the next round is on Ronaldo…

The sport that dominates these rankings is, in fact, baseball, with players featuring a total of 26 times. A massive 96% of their earnings come from their salary and winnings, in contrast with basketball players, who receive most of their earnings from endorsements, which make up 92% of their earnings!

Age is simply just a number when it comes to sports players’ earnings – the youngest person on the list is 23-year-old golf pro Jordan Speith, bringing in a staggering £40m per year. This matches the earnings of 46-year-old golfing legend Phil Mickelson.

Let’s not forget to mention the women that made the rankings – unfortunately there were only two! But they acquitted themselves pretty well, earning £38m between them; no surprises that these two legendary tennis rivals are Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova (who is famous for more than just her Top 100 Forbes mention, but that’s another story).

So there we have it, this year’s highest paid sporting professionals. We’ve combined all of this information into a handy infographic, so take a look for a further breakdown of the uber-wealthy Top 100 paid sports players.

Announcement! FIFA 17 Goal Competition Winner

Last month we ran a competition to give one lucky winner a copy of FIFA 17, to coincide with its release on 27th September. We wanted to see your best FIFA goals – and you delivered!

The competition was tough, but our favourite, with a bicycle kick from Klassen – was from Jamie Cheek. Congratulations, Jamie, we hope you’re enjoying your new game!

On a related note, if you’re interested in seeing what some of your favourite footballers are earning, keep an eye on our blog as later this month we’ll be having a look at the top earning sports players around the world. Ka-ching!

Send In Your Best FIFA Goal & WIN A Copy of FIFA 17!

Is the first thing you want to do after a long day play a couple of games of FIFA with mates, or is it more serious than that - do you live and breathe FIFA? We’ve got a competition you will love!

Whether you suffer from extreme FIFA rage - cursing if the ball goes offside, or you are mysteriously ill on the release day of the new game - we’re giving you the chance to WIN a copy of FIFA 17. We know you will all be scrambling for this come September 29th!

Each year, the FIFA obsession becomes a little more intense, with skilled gamers scoring wonder volleys and 20-yard rabonas. No matter what age gamers are, once you’re into FIFA, you’re in it for the long run!

We’re asking die-hard FIFA fans to share your best goals with us! Whether you’re Real Madrid, and you have a good goal streak, or you’ve just scored an amazing goal for Sydney FC, we want to see it.

It's easy to enter! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload your recording to YouTube.
  2. Put our link ( in the video description (this way we'll know it's your goal, not someone elses!).
  3. Submit your YouTube video URL and contact details (so we can contact you if you win!) by clicking the 'Enter Now!' button below.

See? It's that simple. That's all you need to do for a chance to win your own copy of FIFA 17 – what more could you want? Playing FIFA to win more FIFA – ball’in (see what we did there?)

Enter Now!

Competition closes on September 23rd!

Wapping school feed back

Dear Chris,

On behalf of the staff and students at Wapping High School, I would just like to say a big thank you for how well organised our paintball experience was.
Everyone throughly enjoyed it and we all have the bruises to prove it.  For many of us it was the first time we ever played paintball and hope to play again in the future.
I will definitely be recommending your centre to other schools and hope to see you again next year.
Once again, thank you :)
Rashida Tribak
Head of Maths
Wapping High School

Which Sport Should Paintball Replace at the Olympics?

Which Sport Should Paintball Replace at the 2016 Olympics?

When it comes to showing off athletic prowess - there’s no event quite like the Olympics. But our question is; why isn’t paintball included? With events such as tug of war and underwater swimming having made an appearance at previous Olympics, we’re sure there’s an argument for paintball to be named an Olympic sport, too!

There’s already a paintball world cup including teams such as San Diego Dynasty and Moscow Red Legion, the next logical step is the Olympics!

To be in the Olympics, a sport must be recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) but even then, it may not be included. For example, bowling and chess are recognised but not included. We’re sure that if bowling can be recognised, paintballing can!

Olympic sports must work to make the sport more appealing - what’s more appealing than shooting people with paintballs? Plus, paintball requires discipline; it has rules and includes competition as required by all Olympic sports – should we just submit the form to the IOC now?

We’ve made a list of the most undeserving sports in the Olympics, and we want to know what you paintball fans think! Which sport should paintball replace at the Olympics? Let us know in the poll below…

Who Would Win This Heroes vs. Villains Fantasy Paintball Face-Off?

History is littered with brilliant battles and crushing contests. Ever since early modern humans first etched written words onto the walls of their rudimentary cave dwellings, records have been kept of thrilling encounters between famous enemies.

The Greeks gave us Zeus versus the Titans, while the Bible saw David take down Goliath in the most unlikely of matches. More modern day storytellers have put the Jedi up against the Sith, seen Batman take on Superman, and pitted Arnie against just about every nightmarish creature you can imagine, from a psychopathic robot of the future to an invisible alien hunter.

The latest Captain America movie placed one set of Marvel Superheroes against another, which got us thinking – what if we put a team of heroes against a team of villains in a paintball battlefield? Who would win?

So we could see Game of Thrones’ Hodor fighting side-by-side with Ripley from Aliens, against a team of villains led by Boba Fett and the Joker in a Black Ops-style battle – who would get the biggest killstreak, and would any zombies be released to add to the mayhem?

This is a something we’ve given some serious consideration to, and we still can’t come up with a definitive answer – so it’s over to you!

Below are two teams, made up of the good, the bad, and the plain ugly of pop culture. All you have to do is decide who you think would have the upper hand and let us know in the poll.

*PRO TIP* When you hover over / tap on the image below, you can click / tap on the black and white dots next to each character image to bring up more details about them!

Which Guy in the Stag Party are You? – The Winner of a Paintballing Experience at Mayhem

We all know that there are certain ‘types’ in any group, but this is never more prominent than the boys that get together for a stag do. Stag dos bring together all kinds of people, some of which might not know each other, and is a time when you really see who’s who in the group.

We asked you to find out which member of the stag party you would be in our fun personality quiz. Were you The Sensible One that hit the hay early, or The Boozehound that could always be found ordering  “just one more round” at the bar?

If you haven’t already taken the quiz to find out your Stag Style, you can still do so here – and don’t forget to send it to all your mates who are heading on stag dos themselves this summer! We’re happy to announce the lucky winner of this competition – winning paintball for themselves and 5 friends – is Liam Pinder! Well done Liam, we hope you enjoy your paintballing experience at Mayhem. And if you didn’t win but you’re still looking to plan a paintballing day out for a stag do in London / Essex, get in touch with us to discuss our packages – we’re stag and hen do friendly and would love to show you and your party a great time!

The Top 5 Video Games with Hidden Paintball Modes [Infographic]


Ahhh… those were the days, weren’t they? You and your mates gathered around the TV, loading up your favourite multiplayer game and playing for hours on end.

Some games had cheats and hidden options that could enable Big-Head mode, unlock all weapons, or make you invincible. One stood out from the rest, though, making the games a lot more colourful; Paintball Mode!

Well, it’s that time again. Get your old console out of the loft, call your pals and get playing some of these beauts!


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Mayhem big game is coming

Mayhem Big game, 26-28th of august if you have not checked out last year’s video please do its a great snap shot of what we provide


Only £55 or £70 early bird ticket with a box of paint you can book your early bird with a deposit and pay the rest before the 1st of July.


Free camping and free to non-players so you can bring the family.

Showers - free hot showers

Bar - well stocked reasonably priced

Band - playing the greatest hits

Inflatables, sumo suites, bungee run, rodeo bull

600 Players

H-pac when you need 4500 psi except not substitute

Amazing fields - with Russian Battle Tanks, Planes, helicopters.

All the big Trade stands

Sup-air ball field current mils spec will be open Friday and Saturday free to use, with free Coaching from Pro players Saturday.

Magfed games Friday event and a big Magfed game Saturday, we also have 15 Magfed guns to rent free of charge if you want to join in, Hostile intentions have an epic rolling game planned saturday.  With Trudy Overall, Sean Stacey Danny Sieradzan Benny Pettifer and Alex Munro as well as the Hostile Intention boys all confirmed.

Walk-on games Friday, Saturday.

Scenario games Saturday afternoon - early evening with 200+ players.

The Big event Sunday with over 600 players fighting over 500 meters of  battlefield littered with Russian Battle Tanks, Planes, Helicopters and a massive town in the middle which has the most intense gun fights you will ever be involved in.

Our amazing Generals, we have Paintball Greats for the Allies such as Going Postal’s John Bunyan, Shelly and Bart Farmer, Dave Mandy Wright, Mike Sexy Tait, Northern alliance and for the Japs, Legends of paintball such as  Ged Green, Joe Freeborn Tom Barker and Team Tornados Richard Widenbar.


Also the smile Network will be in town filming.

How to paintball like John Rambo

We have been having lots of film crews filming on our paintball site this year, and we look back at one of the best:

How to paintball like Rambo, with John Rambo........'s brother.

Guide to Being the Best Man

Guide to Being the Best Man

Lock, Stock and One Smoking Barrel

At long last! Your friend/cousin/brother has finally acknowledged that you are indeed the best man. Once you’ve high fived his lesser mates, had your official ‘Best Man’ T-shirt made and completed your victory lap there are a few things to start considering in your quest to prove just why he was right to pick you.


Being a best man is no free ride, there’s plenty of planning ahead as the blushing bridegroom is about to face a few major meltdowns (his own as well as his fiance’s) so time away for him to clear his head and take on his share of wedding planning is vital. And of course everyone knows men do their best thinking down the pub. It will also give him time to let off steam away from his beautiful fiancé who has quite possibly turned into ‘Bridezilla’.

The Stag Do

One of man’s most sacred rites of passage, a chance for him to prove his macho side after weeks of talking colour schemes, flowers and wedding cakes. It’s also a chance to give the stags a chance to stich him up, stag-style. Well it is traditional after all.

There’s no finer place for some stag party fun than a paintball field, it’s a stag party “Call of Duty” where all the guys can man up and do battle.

Top Tip – While aiming to give the groom a complete Dulux makeover it’s important to keep mummy’s little soldier safe so give him a Hi-Viz suit to wear so he can’t get lost. The fact that he’ll then be easier to see/aim at is just a lucky bi-product of you thinking of his welfare. Just make sure you take him home in one piece, you don’t want to face the wrath of ‘Bridezilla’.

Read more here…

The Best Man Speech

It’s the one part of being the best man that is most likely to give guys sleepless nights. You are under serious pressure to deliver a speech of epic proportions and most of all BE FUNNY! Too many best men repeat the same old tired jokes that everyone has heard before. Don’t be that guy. have a complete speech writing system written and compiled by professional comedy writers. That means you’ll find hundreds of jokes you can be sure none of the guests will have heard before but will help you create a legendary speech.

Read more here…


The Big Day

Being the best man on the wedding day is more than just delivering a killer speech and dancing with hot single bridesmaids, there’s a few key roles you’ll need to perform;

Groomsmen Quite often there are younger groomsmen who won’t have been to a wedding before so assign one of the older guys to chaperone ring bearers or young ushers.

Rings It’s likely either the bride and/or groom will be nervous during the ceremony and it’s common for shaking hands to drop the rings. Make it easier for them when presenting the rings by placing them on your open palm rather than keeping them in the boxes or clasped in your fingers.

Photos Getting everyone together for the photos can take an age, which is a worry when there’s a free bar to get to, so help speed up the process by being on hand to help the photographer round up the right people to appear in the right photos.

Getaway Car Don’t forget to pimp the couples getaway vehicle. Have a bag handy with shaving foam, lipstick, toilet paper and other materials to make sure they leave the wedding reception in suitable style.


For more Best Man advice and tips head to





Dye M2 Paintball Marker Review

We were lucky enough to be one of the first in Europe to get our hands on the brand new Dye Precision marker, the M2.  Here we have done a review video and explained the strengths and weaknesses of the M2.  We hope you enjoy:

Mayhem Militia does Paintfest

Paintfest 2015

Paintfest is an unbelievable paintball festival held at NPF Bassetts Pole paintball site in Birmingham, and ran by a huge team of guys and girls including the legend that is Ged Green (Angel Sports, WDP, inventor of Hyper Ball, etc etc...!), Kerry Mayo, Stuart Mayo and a whole host of dedicated team members.

The Mayhem Militia always has a strong following for Paintfest, and this year was no different with around the 50 players mark in attendance.  We drove up in various convoys and arrived at different times, and it's an easy 2-3 hour drive from London depending on the traffic.  When we first arrived at the site the first thing that hit me was the sheer scale of the place, and how the camping layout had been changed to make one giant camping area.  Here's an aerial photo, credit to Willie McPhelim from the Scottish Warriors paintball team for the awesome photo:

Drone Paintfest Picture

This drone picture doesn't even show the whole campsite, which I think is unbelievable! 

So we rocked up on the Friday around 3pm, set up camp, have a few beers ;-) and then went to book in and have a wander around the staging area.

We were booked in super quick by the lovely Nikki and the team, and then went into the HUGE trade area.  Everyone in paintball seemed to be there:

  • BZ Paintball (unbelievable stand, they literally bring a whole shop with them!)
  • LIPS
  • Just Paintball
  • Warped
  • NPF
  • Enola Gaye
  • MAXS
  • DROM

I think I got everyone on that list, sorry if I missed anyone!  I should also mention the unbelievable food vendors, I ate from the pizza stand and the Mexican and both were excellent.  I look forward to eating there again next year!

Also the major companies all had techs present which is always great to see, so well done Tippmann, Dye, Planet, Smart Parts and I think Tiny from Magfed PB was single handily teching anything magfed related that came his way so a great showing from these guys.

Paintfest 2015 flyer

We didn't play on the Friday, so we socialised with the traders, teams and players and soaked up the atmosphere, something Paintfest has in abundance.  It really does live up to the name, paint(ball)fest!

Saturday was one of the most beautiful days you could hope for at a paintball event, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze to stop you from getting too 'over the top' hot.

There was a full roster of games on, including Sup-Air from the guys at CPPS, a Vampires VS Humans scenario game, Miltac for the tactical guys and also their Killhouse experience with the guys from Hostile Intentions.

There was something for everyone, beautiful weather, great company and a buzz about the whole event.  This is what I think paintball is all about.

The day then creeps into the evening, and the 'Enola Gaye' Paintfest Party begins.  NPF put on one hell of a party, with a free bar for the duration. 

Great to catch up with loads of people, the MANC union lads, BZ chaps, NPF guys, Taz and his crew and everyone who got involved in probably the best party in paintball.

Then comes the Sunday (with the hangover!)...

The field is laid out over a huge area, with some of the best playing fields I have ever played.  I was guest generaling for the HMC alongside Daz, Lee and Taz and I think we gave a very good account of ourselves.  I have to give a special mention to Thomas Hollington, who is an absolute beast on the field.  One of them type of people who are 'lovely' off the field, and then turn into an absolute savage on it.  He made some of the craziest attacking moves I have ever seen in my 17 years of playing our beautiful game, but I don't think he gets Mayhem Militia player of the day, that honour is shared jointly.  Ross 'Ginge' Trestain and Emma Smith, take a bow...

Ross and Emma at  USDE base

They played all the way through the USDE ranks to get to their start gate.  Fair play......Fair play *tips hat*

The final battle over Camp Bassets was also some of the most intense fighting, and the players that made it to the end of what was a very rainy Sunday deserve big praise.  The final result was a win for the USDE, but on the field it certainly never felt like we were losing, but maybe that was me just having too much fun shooting the USDE for fun.

HMC for life!  (or until we get a better offer!)

We never managed to get a photo with the whole Militia, but here's the hardcore:

MIlitia at Paintfest

So if you haven't been there before, NPF is amazing, check out their website:

Get your ticket when they come out:

So in conclusion:

GOOD POINTS:  Great people.  Great paintball.  An absolute must for the calendar for any paintballer, this is what paintball is all about.

BAD POINTS:  The rain on the Sunday.   Driving home.

Special thanks to:

Mayhem Miliitia:  Pete, Ben, Ed, Barry, George, Mick, Monkey Pete, Dalby, Brad, Ginge, Sparks, Emma, Ron, Tom, Alan, Chris, Dan, Nikki, Aaron, Neil.  All of the Militia, you guys make these events for me.

NPF Team:  Ged, Kerry, Stuart, Frasier, Nikki, all of you are amazing.

HMC:  Taz, Lee and Daz, always a pleasure lads, can't wait for 2016, we'll get them next year.

USDE:  Played hard chaps, well done.  This victory won't last long though ;-)

Everyone:  One of the best events in paintball, if not the best.  Thank you for being involved.  Hope to see you at the Mayhem Big Game in a month's time.

BZ Paintball top 10 paintball sites in the UK

BZ Paintball, the UK's biggest paintball mega-store has released their top 10 paintball sites in the UK. 

We have visited 8 of the sites on the top 10, and we think they are all excellent paintball venues.  Reading through the paintball venues, we're delighted to announce that they have voted Mayhem as the UK's #1 paintball site!  Check out the full list here on the BZ Paintball blog, it's split into 2 sections, 6th to 10th and then 1st to 5th!

BZ Paintball Screen Shot

Mayhem Militia does Borderlands

Over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of June the Mayhem Militia went to the Borderlands Big Game at Outpost Paintball in Chester for their first ever big game, and I've got to say it was an absolute blinder.

The teams were split into two, Hyperion which I (David Hodder) was generaling for and the opposition was the Dahl's led by Rob Davis from BUPS, who I should say is an absolute gent and a real top bloke.

The Militia had 8 players, Pete and Ben Raffael, Eddie Quigley, Barry Phillips, Mike Watson, Mark Robinson, our token northern Pete Finnegan and myself.

We rocked up on site on the Friday about 5pm, and set up camp on their freshly mowed camp site, which was about 100m from the staging area and immediately cracked open a beer.  As we didn't take the van, instead of taking the huge 4 man tent I invested in a £16 pop up tent.  Here's a rule for life guys...


We walked the site on the Friday evening, and I must say I was impressed with the set up and the guys had clearly been working on the new staging area so looked like they could do with a few beers..  Beers and Jager commenced at the party on the Friday evening and the DJ's were full blown festival DJ's so were used to rowdy drunk southerners! 

Militia banner at Borderlands

The Saturday games were played on various maps but split up into sections, and there was some serious fire fights on the differing maps including some cool features like a massive bridge, buildings, pill boxes, trenches and much more.  Here's a few photos from the Mayhem Militia lads and around the site:  All photos credit to:  Axon Photography

The Sunday was the main game, and was split into two halves morning and afternoon.  The games had 5 entry points, which alternated between the two teams on the hour.  We started the game at the far end of the field, and executed a master plan of pinching the other team with the Militia starting one end, and our friends from Asylum Paintball started at the near side and we essentially destroyed the Dahl's team from both sides and dominated the morning session, pushing them back to their spawn points across the whole field.  I particularly enjoyed shooting Richard from Outpost Paintball, who was playing for the other team!

The lunch break saw us leading 21-9, so we decided to take it easy in the afternoon to give the Dahl's a chance.  What a mistake that turned out to be.  Instead of executing a master plan in the afternoon, we left our guys to their own devices and just concentrate on shooting people!  The afternoon session was immense, some truly spectacular firefights where we concentrated on having fun and shooting their boys off the park. 

When the results came in that we narrowly lost, I actually felt the shock from my lads.  We 100% absolutely shot them off the park all day, and I'm sure their boys felt that!  It turned out in the afternoon they had guys running on the field collecting the crates (which gave you points) without guns to try and catch up on the score!  Fair play to them guys.

We had an absolute blast the whole weekend, and I look forward to next year!

Big thanks to the Outpost team, especially Jonno, Rich and Dale, all of the Militia lads for all the laughs throughout, the Asylum lads, Glen, Ronnie and co, and everyone who made the weekend such a massive laugh.

See you in 2016!

Win a FREE Tippmann TCR with an early bird Mayhem Big Game ticket: BEST VALUE GAME IN THE UK

To celebrate the addition of mag-fed paintball to the Mayhem Big Game, we've teamed up with event sponsors Tippmann to give one lucky winner a free Tippmann TCR!

Tippmann TCR Competition

How to Enter

To enter, simply book an early bird ticket for the Mayhem Big Game 2015 before they expire on the 1st of July, and one of you lucky folk will get drawn at random to win a free Tippmann TCR Mag-Fed painball marker.  The TCR is a magfed marker from the #1 paintball gun manufacturer in the world, so you are guaranteed world class service, top end performance and the comfort and reliability that Tippmann have become synonymous with.  To be in with a chance of getting your hands on a free TCR follow the following steps:

1)  Book your early bird ticket by CLICKING HERE

2)  Book before the 1st of July 2015

3)  Cross your fingers, because all tickets purchased before the 1st of July will automatically be entered into the prize draw!

Good luck!  

Mayhem Militia does Operation Overlord 2015

Militia lads at operation overlord

Over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of June, the Mayhem Militia went to Operation Overlord at the excellent Prozone paintball site in Annan, Scotland.  Operation Overlord is a new scenario game at the same site as England Vs Scotland, and sees two teams The British which had two generals, myself (David Hodder) and Stuart Mayo from NPF playing against the Germans who were headed up by Thomas Banks from BZ Paintball and Willie McPhelim from the Scottish Warriors paintball team.

Camping was also available on the Friday and Sunday evenings, so we decided to drive up super early on the Friday morning and we arrived on site around 12-1pm.  We had 5 players from the Militia to make the trip, and we had the van on the way up so we took all the essentials and then some including a BBQ, fire pit and gazeebo!

The lads who made the trip up for the Militia were Mick and George Hardy, Shaun Wilson, Brad Williams and myself.  We set up camp, had some lunch and then headed up to the staging area, which was about 50m from where we were camping. 

We headed over to get booked in, which was really quick and easy, and I was impressed how well organised they were.  We had a few beers and the jagermeister came into full flow.

The Saturday morning was something of a crazed blur, not just because of the Jager, but also during the night the wind must have been mental because our tents took a battering!  Our gazebo was demolished, so we set about righting the camp.

Then came the games, and some were absolutely breathtaking. 


 This is a shot from the beach landing game, where we had to assault an actual beach.  This was absolutely brutal.  The German's were literally shooting fish in a barrel, but did that stop us?  Hell no!  This was an unadulterated hardcore paintball action, and boy was it fun.  The problem for us, was we were so close together and they had concentrated fire, so we lost a lot of numbers very quickly, but I love this photo from just after the break where we are storming towards the Germans....

Beach Landing

The rest of the games, took place over the main site which is mainly woodland and has some awesome features like WWII style bunkers/buildings, a kill house, bridges, a massive lake and strong hold fort with two storey towers.  We had some great fire-fights through-out the event and by the end of the Sunday, I thought my legs would actually fall off.  We didn't play the last slapstick game, but we did watch and that was a great laugh, some people really went for it, and unfortunately us not playing the slapstick game I think may have cost us the win.  The score was super tight, but the Germans just pipped us to the post, so a big well done to our rival generals Willie and Thomas, although I must admit I think the scoring must be off because it felt like we hammered them every time we went out (I blame Stacey), and a big thank you to Stuart Mayo, his lads at NPF and the rest of the British team for their hard work, and especially those fought shoulder to shoulder with us at the beach landing game.  Great effort lads.

A fantastic event, that we will definitely be attending in 2016.

A huge thank you to the crew at Prozone, especially Taz, Tracey, Stacey (except your dodgy scoring Stace!) and the marshals who were absolutely fantastic.

So in short,

Good stuff:  Site was awesome, staff were even better, 3000 and 4500psi fills, drone was flying about filming, and a great time had by all.

Bad stuff:  Wind (it was insane on the Friday night!)

One last thank you to the Mayhem lads who made the trip up with me, George, Mick, Brad and Shaun.  It was emotional :-)


BBC need your help

The BBC would love to have you help take part in there new TV show, details are below, so please share :) 

COD vs Battlefield Scenario Day

COD vs Battlefield Paintball Scenario

Battlefield Vs COD Scenario Day:  Thursday 28th of May

During the upcoming school half term, Mayhem will be hosting a special scenario day based on the epic computer games Call Of Duty and Battlefield.  We will be playing a variety of different multiplayer game missions from both games on our movie set playing areas, including of course our replica COD map. 


If you book and pay in full by Monday for any pre-pay package, and use promo code:  BATTLECOD at the checkout, and you will get £4 off of our pre-pay package deals.

Click here to book your place, or call us on 01708 688517


Missile Command
Mission – Heist (Battlefield)
Objective – The shed labelled bank will contain duffel bags. Attacking team starts at Japanese end, their objective is to go to the bank and plant the drill (Black case) and take the duffel bags back to their base to win. After planting the drill a marshal will set off a smoke grenade to signal the planting and the duration of the smoke grenade indicates how long the drill takes to crack open the vault. After that the attacking team must take the bags to their base to win. The defending team have to either hold off the attacking team for 15 minutes or eliminate the entire team.
Air Assault
Mission – Domination/Conquest (Call of duty/Battlefield)
Objective- Three double ended flags to be placed around the field. On the tank, the green jeep located by bog and the Plane in the middle. Teams will be assigned a flag and they must have the most flags up at the end of the 15 minute time period.
Beach Landing/Crash
Mission- Crosshair (Battlefield)
Objective- Attacking team(Police): Starts at the Landing craft and has a VIP indicated with a flag around their arm and an Uzi upgrade gun.The objective of the attacking team  is to either eliminate the other team or Get their Vip to the opponents base (The helicopter)
Defending(Criminals): The defending team must either Eliminate the enemy VIP by headshot only or to stop them from getting the VIP to the helicopter in the assigned time limit.
Bridge Wood
Mission- Rescue (Battlefield)
Defending team (Criminals): The defending team will start in the fort, there will be two hostages (dummies) for them to defend, one in the fort and one on the bridge. Their objective is to stop the attacking team (Swat) from rescuing the hostages. They will need to defend the hostages for 15 minutes.
Attacking team (Swat): The objective of the attacking team is to go and rescue the hostages from the defending team. They must rescue one of the hostages and return it to their base. They have 15 minutes to do this and will have smoke grenades placed by marshals to help their progress.
Mission- Kill Confirmed
Each team will have a coloured armband (Red or yellow this is not their team tapes) When a player is eliminated they must take the armband off and drop it in the spot they were eliminated in. After a player is eliminated, live players can collect the arm bands and they count towards the final total.  First team to 50 armbands wins.

Mayhem Paintball Photo

We love feedback from our customers:

'Hi, We had a party of 12 today at your paintball centre at Pryors Farm, we all had a fantastic time.  I took what I think is a good photo, which i have attached.  You are welcome to use it on your website:'


Thank you, it's a great photo, and is too good not to share!

North vs South

This weekend is North vs South, the biggest paintballing game in the UK, with 1800 players last year its more of a bank holiday weekend festival than a game of paintball.  People camp, there is a bar and games running saturday and sunday.  We have attenended the last 5 years and Peter Rafeal from the Mayhem Militia has been 10 years running.  The concept is genius the North of the country against the south yes it does sound a bit game of thrones like.  The area is vast you can walk for ages and not find anyone to shoot, there is a minibus service to take you to the action.  With Lips, Just, BZ all in attendace there is also a great selection of trade stands, so if your bored call Warped sports and book a ticket.


8000 Facebook Likes

To celebrate Mayhem hitting 8,000 Facebook likes, we will be running a promotion until the 1st of May 2015.  Book any adult pre-pay package and use the promo code in the comments section '8000friends' when paying online here: or quote 'Facebook deal' if you're booking over the phone on 01708 688517.

The UKPSF what does it all mean

UKPSF commitee

The UKPSF what does it all mean?

The United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF), has been headed, run and a passion of Steve Bull for 20 odd years. Now, the main goals for the UKPSF are to get sports recognition for paintball and to stop paintball being banned, which happens every time some crazy nutbag gets a gun and goes on a rampage like in Dumblane back in 1996. Now please forgive me as I was a bit hungover during the last, well all the conferences! but the UKPSF believes we can get sports recognition for paintball, which has alluded them for years, but I will get back to this later on and the benefits of paintballing being a sports (tax breaks and lottery / sports funding for teams).

Last year, Steve stepped down as being mainly a one man band for 20 years from his role as the UKPSF chairman, and he handed over the reins. Up stepped Bob Schofield from Harrogate Paintball, the new UKPSF Chairman. After a trial year Bob was finally elected as the UKPSF’s official chairmen on the 16th of March, 2015, along with the new committee which is made up of:

Don Logan, owner of Adrenalin Jungle and a regular player back in the day, and still plays a few time a year is in charge of site Membership. A night out with Don should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Ledz, a pioneer and legend of paintball who owns Planet Eclipse, played for Banzai and Nexus, and now the Sandbaggers who is in charge of trade, and was my nemesis for many a year, that a side, he’s a top bloke.

Kayleigh Stanton, the secretary for the UKPSF and organiser of player memberships, and surrently plays for Ultra Violet and her dad is Mike Stanton who owns a couple of very good paintball sites near Bristol along with Jock McCracken. Kayleigh was born in to paintball, and is the kind of person we need on the committee, young and plays for GB’s female team.

Jock McCracken another legend and top bloke, owns Skirmish Bristol with Mike Stanton. I first met Jock back in 1998 at the Mayhem Masters where we were refereeing the same field. The Treasurer for the UKPSF.

James Gregory from Phoenix, going to be honest no idea who he is but I hear good things, and Craig Pattison from the Scottish Warriors paintball team and you will see him playing lots of scenario and big game events, although hopefully not in a kilt, are jointly in charge of players membership. Join the Facebook page:

Don Logan and Ainsley from CPPS are in charge of site membership.

Jock and Kayleigh also are the UKPSF call centre.

Support (not sure what this means) but, Jamie Paggett is another top bloke, John Evans from Outpost Paintball, Scott Rathbone is apparently the man to go for any technical questions, and that guy who you see everywhere Erik Anthony, you will have seen him if you have been to any paintball event one of the biggest characters around often taking photos and laughing.

Steve Bull, is now honourary president of the UKPSF, and I can’t speak highly enough of this gentle northern warrior, a genuinely great bloke who has sacrificed his own business and personal gain for the good of paintball.

Coming soon to the UKPSF will be a membership management system so you can become members, ho help get paintball recognised as a sport, and that then opens up the possibility of sport funding from the lottery and local government. There will be 2 types of membership available, one will be free (light membership) and one you will need to pay for (full membership and includes player’s insurance).

Membership will get you discounts with a variety of suppliers including Warped, BZ, Skirmish Bristol, Mayhem and many more.

I have seen a lot of negativity on Facebook regarding the UKPSF, now I don’t want to get into politics, especially on first strike, but I like to see every side of the coin. What people need to consider is the UKPSF is there to protect paintball, every time a nutter goes on a shooting rampage like Dumblane, it’s Steve Bull who has come to the rescue, and he is the first port of call for the Home Office and believe me if it was not for Steve, paintball would very likely have been banned. This role will now pass onto the UKPSF committee. Steve has given 20 years of his life to the UKPSF and has brought the industry a lot closer together, probably without even realising it. The annual conference gets the traders and sites together, talking and sharing ideas and does help paintball. 

What people have to remember is he only one man, and one man and Tracey who cannot be forgotten who has put his business and own personal gain a side thanklessly over the years. The UKPSF has tried hard to get paintball to become a sport and this is one of the goals. If it happens it will bring a lot of benefits which we can discuss another time.

I see a different side as I have grown up in paintball, travelled the world playing literally lived and breathed it all my life. I actually have lived most of my life on a paintball site. I know it’s hard for people to see from the outside what the UKPSF does but I think you have to remember it has really been one man with a few helpers here and there till this year.

Paintball Manager Is Trigger Happy, Insuring His Finger For £100,000

Ronnie Hollington paintballing in the NPPL

The Manager of the Essex-based paintball range, Mayhem Paintball, has recently insured his trigger finger for no less than £100,000, to ensure that he can continue paintballing for the rest of his life. Ronnie Hollington is not the first person to insure their most important body part – celebrities have been doing it left, right, and centre recently, including Daniel Craig, who has insured his whole body for $9.5 million.

The paintball business was started on the Hollington family farm when Ronnie was 7 years old. What started out as a fun side project expanded into one of the largest and most thrilling paintball ranges in the UK.

But it was when he left university and started working at Mayhem Paintball full time that Ronnie’s personal paintball career really took off. He played competitively from the young age of 16, and spent much of his time touring around Europe and America playing with his team. They qualified for the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) pro bracket in America, and were offered £250,000 in 2005 for their spot in this prestigious group. With his trigger finger being such an important asset for both his favourite hobby and his livelihood, insuring his most essential body part was an important step to take to ensure he can continue both his biggest passion in life and his company.

“The adrenalin rush when people are shooting back at you and paintballs are hitting the woodwork is amazing. I love team sports, and paintball particularly is one where you need to work together, or you will lose,” said Hollington, when asked what he loves most about playing this increasingly popular sport.

Hollington plans to keep playing around the county, for the time being, and is looking out for new, fresh ideas to improve Mayhem Paintball further. At least Hollington can continue playing, assured that his trigger finger is in safe hands.

About the company: Mayhem Paintball is situated in Essex and has a variety of themed courses, including a Call of Duty range.

Dye Rotor 2 Preview

Dye Rotor 2 - First Look

At the Dye Tech course in Offenburg, Germany, Mayhem was the only site from the UK to get our hands on the new Dye Rotor 2 paintball hopper.  Time was short so the video was a bit rushed but the new hopper is set to be the hottest addition to all players set-up.  We got our hands on one of the prototypes and has some exciting new features:

  • Adjustable height/size function
  • Light on/off settings (ideal for those playing at night or who want to remain incognito)
  • Low paint sound notification (this can also be turned on/off)
  • Anti-Jam fin on internals
  • Super quick change from lid to speedfeed (Really, really quick.  Maybe 3 seconds!)
  • Lighter than previous Rotor
  • Larger, more ergonomic hole for lid/speedfeed

Price on the Rotor 2 is still yet to be confirmed, but you can reserve yours with just a £50 deposit and be one the first in the UK to get your hands one!  To pre-order, please give us a call on 01708  688517 between 9am - 5pm,  7 days a week.

Mayhem Tactical: 2nd of February

Mag-fed is something that's definitely up and coming in the world of paintball, and with some awesome event organiser's in the UK such as Warfighters, Magfed PBUK, Miltac at NPF and Nextgen, Mayhem's second tactical event was my first ever mag-fed event.  Here's my Review:

Mayhem Tactical:  2nd of February by David Hodder

Mayhem Tactical Group Photo 

On the 2nd of February 2015, after playing paintball for 14 years I played my first ever mag-fed event, technically it was mag-fed, tac caps and limited loaders, but I only noticed one chap with a small hopper on a luxe, everyone else was running true Mag-Fed.  I used one of the Dye DAM rentals from Mayhem, and had 6 x spare magazines so 7 in total.  So I was carrying around the 100 paintballs per game mark, compared to the usual loader (160) and 5 x 140 pots, I felt seriously under-armed when I walked out onto the first field, Missile Command.  

Missile Command

Dave Hodder at Mayhem Tactical

Missile Command is a big map, probably the size and a half of a football pitch, and has some impressive features including a helicopter, missile lorry, Saracen APC and loads of sheds, brush piles and built up compound style bases.  We started down the missile lorry end of the field, and I broke out to the right hand side of the field and bumped up through some of the sheds on the right hand side of the field.  I quickly realised that first strike is an absolute game changer.  The guys we were playing with and against, was a real mix of players from first-timers to the magfed realm, like myself, all the way through to hardcore Magfed regulars.  When you had someone shooting at you with first strike, boy you know about it.  The range is unbelievably longer, and the accuracy they were getting at range is also scarily high.  Instead of attempting to make a bump up over the kill zone infront of me, I decided to try the other side of the field, which as it turned out was definitely the move to make.  I got over the other side of the field pretty easily, it's definitely easier to move on the field.  I then made an in-field bumb (thanks to Dave for covering me!) and got a couple of kills before getting mowed down!  I later learned in the safe area, the guy who took me out (you know who you are!) had only just moved up, I should have made the move that little bit earlier!  Could have been the game changer.

Aeroplane Wood

COD Map:  Bog

I then missed the 2nd game on Missile Command as I got pulled onto a group, but I was back for the next games on Aeroplane Wood.  Aeroplane Wood is large woodland field, with a big crashed passenger aircraft in the middle of the field, and a huge ridge on one side of the field.  I broke to the plane on the first game, and threw the flag back to a team mate.  I then continued in my crazy moves up the field, and got shot out on the move.  Not before getting a few kills though :-)  On the second game, we waited around for 10 minutes so people could get more paint and air, and the game started with the blues (Other team) being down on numbers.  We managed to take the ridge and then we just picked off their numbers.

After the woodland games we stopped for lunch, before returning out onto the COD replica map, Bog.  This map is something really special, it's a copy of the map Bog from the computer game Call of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare and features a T55 tank, buildings, containers, bus, bulldozer and much, much more!  For this game, the marshals introduced respawns for the first 5 or 10 minutes, which allowed me to make some more of my crazy moves.  I got straight into the bus from the top end (quite an achievement) and ran in there to come face to face with another player and managed to get the first shot in!  I then had probably the most intense 5 minutes of paintball, being surrounded in the bus and being goaded my the opposition who could see me, but not shot me and vice versea.  One of their players managed to get behind me through the driver's door of the bus and put a couple in my back so I was off back to my base to respawn.  I then switched sides of the field and managed to get to the IBC's next to the buildings, but as I made the move to the buildings, I ran into a wall of paint.  I definitely felt that one.  Had a very similar game the next one, but we lost one side of the field and got shot in the back :-(

The Urban

Urban Paintball

My last games of the day was in my favourite map, the Urban.  First end we started at the top, and rushed up against the barn in the Urban.  Got a few kills, but they pushed through the barn and I got blown away once they took the barn.  On the second game, we pushed into the barn straight away, and the reverse happened.  We played well and managed to get the win by pushing through the barn and shooting their back players in the side :-)

Final Thoughts

I think the Mayhem Tactical days are still in their infancy, and there is still much room for improvement:

  • Paint:  Will definitely be addressed for next month.
  • First Strike:  Sold out before the first game, will definitely get more for next time.
  • Breaks in-between games:  Some sort of paint and air on the field.

We had an impressive 35 players, so a big big thank you to everyone who came and helped to promote the event.  

I had a great day, and it was good to get out and play for a change!  I think I'm going to have to invest in a magfed marker and get out and play some more of this up and coming format of the game, if you haven't already tried it.  DO IT!

The feedback we've had already has been fantastic and we will, as ever, be looking to constantly improve our events.

Sunday 1st of March is our next event, and details will be posted up shortly.

Hope to see you there.

David Hodder

Mayhem Tactical: Mag-Fed, tac-caps and 50 shot hoppers

Mag Fed Paintballer in Helicopter

Mayhem Tactical:  2nd of February 2015

Mayhem will be holding our 1st Mayhem Tactical event of 2015 on Sunday the 2nd of February.  

If you haven't played here at Mayhem Abridge before, it is a fantastic, 1st rate paintballing venue with indoor kitting up areas, dozens of varied army vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, planes, etc, brick built showers and toilets, safe areas on every playing field with drinking water, on-site well stocked shop and much, much more.

Pricing is £40 including 500 paintballs if you pre-pay, or £45 if you pay on the day.  Additional paint will be available on the day at competitive prices. First strike will also be available to purchase on the day.  If you'd like just first strike instead of the 500 paintballs, 30 FS rounds will be included instead of the 500 paintballs.

Mayhem is a site-only paint venue.

The paint we will be using on the day is a Sterling Claymore ball, specially designed for Mag-Fed paintball, is perfect for the current climate conditions and is made here in the UK.

No pyrotechnics are to be used by players, although we will be using pyrotechnics as part of missions. This will be explained to players on the day.

If you would like to rent equipment, it will be an additional £10 and will include overalls, thermal double glazed goggles and a TPX pistol.  Dye DAM's are also available to rent for an extra £10 (£20 in total).

Bookings in advance can be done over the phone on 01708 688517 or booked online by clicking here  

Anthony Joshua at Mayhem

It's always a pleasure to see Anthony Joshua at Mayhem it feels like Anthony, Leon Skinner and the boys from Pure Antics are part of the furniture at Mayhem London,  we were chatting away in the mini bus with Leon and he said 'It's been 7 years now that Pure Antics have been coming to Mayhem, 3 times each year and it's always an excellent day'.  Pure Antics are a event organiser and ofter bring with them celebs, olympians and a great group of people.   

Mayhem Mag Fed

Our first attempt at a Magfed game (the paintball gun has a magazine rather than a normal big hopper/loader), or really a limited loader game, i am not sure if there is a walk-on market just yet for mafed guns but i think there could be in the future and there definatly is for a limited loader game.  Why play limited loaders or Magfed you are proberly thinking, and i kind of agree dont fix what is broken and lots of people over the years have tried limited paint and its not really taken off.  But there are a few people really pushing for Magfed games, NPF run miltac which is limited loader (50 shots) and Laurence Coetser from Magfed Paintball Uk and Dave Thatcher from Warfights are starting to change things by running good Mag fed games.  

Personally i think its a tricky one as its very niche, and i know Alex Munrow has 30 magfed guns he can take to an event but it limits the amount of people who can play, and to be honest there are not many good magfed guns on the market, there must be a market though appearing as Tippmann are investing heavily with the TRC which looks pretty sexy and also selling conversion kits for the 98.

Back to the game its self in sunny London it was a beautiful day and we had marketed pretty hard and i thought i quite fancy playing so i found a friend and we borrowed a dye dam each from the very kind Ash Chaplin at Dye.  There was an air of uncertaintity in the air as we were not quite sure what to expect and having 5-10 shots before you need to reload is a whole new experimnce.   I like the idea of the game being more about resource management rather than jsut shooting a lot of paintballs.  I think this is one side of magfed which could make stand out, i like the idea of having to go get mags, being able to find first strike to get an advange.  We tried to have a mix of ideas in the missions and i think it did work really well.  

I was excited because I thought it would be like real life call of duty! With 20 players, it has a great atmosphere and it was quite an intimate affair with a good mix of ages and ability. The first game of the day, was on Missile Command and Bridge Wood as a combination field. The objective of the game was to get some fuel containers from the missile lorry, and get one into the fort complex, and with such a vast area for the amount of players it was great for sneaking around. Playing with only 6-10 shots before you have to reload is a real leveller on the field, as you’re never too sure how many shots you have left in your magazine!


Next field was Bog, the call of duty replica map. In this game, there were crates with mags with first strike and smoke, and other ordance to get i liked Resource management game i like the idea of limiting the amount of paint and you have to go get it.


I had a really good time and playing Bog our call of duty map and the Urban mag fed was a really good laugh i would definately play again but i think although we had 18-20 players we need to be able to attact a consistant 20 players each month so we could make the barriers to entry a bit more flexible so people can use tac caps and 50 ball loaders.  We have invested and do have a good 20-25 mag fed guns now so Mayhem is ready for a Mag fed / Limited loader walk on once a month.



My favourite paintball festival, at one of the UK’s best paintball venues, 3 days of paintball at one of UK's finest paintballing sites.
NPF is one of the best paintball sites in the country, never fails to disappoint and they always put on a great spectacle and for many years it has set the bar for scenario games in the UK.  Every year we play there we always take something back to help us improve our site, which I think is a great credit to the guys at NPF and the hard work they put in every year.
I dont think i can stress how much of a festival paintfest is it has a great sense of community and is my favourite of the games we play and it is a 3 day event, it has a free bar and entertainment on the Saturday night which is really unique and the NPF guys really know how to party.
Sunday, which i made only slightly late, and my first job was to wake up the lads who had been camping and drinking the night before, and what a challenge that proved to be David Hodder, as he does like to party and drink!  We just about were ready for the game to start and my gun decides to not work.  Well what a dissapointment!  A great game, and i missed the start due to gun problems.  This year the militia was not as strong as previous years, we had a younger crowd and lacked the hardcore eliment of ex-pro players like Paul Cain and Thomas Holilngton (who is insane by the way) and does the kind of things which you wonder how the hell did he do that and survive.  
National Paintball Games is fast and has a huge venue with lorries, land rovers, roll and rock, an awesome western and the Hannoy Hilton which is a Vietnam themed film-set type area which looks like something from a bushtucker trial and by that I mean scarily good.
This year the game seemed really organised and everything is nice and close, so even with 1000 players it feels right with not too much walking when you are coming off the field, and you can find people in the base camp.
A big thank you to Ged Green, Fraser, Kerry and Stuart for a great event and we will be back in force next year, but i am definitely bringing Thomas Hollington, as we missed his insane paintbalilng moves.


Clash of Clans

Campaign Paintballing in London's annual big game:  Clash of Clans
The Mayhem Militia took 14 hardcore players to Campaign paintball’s scenario game in Surrey, now we didnt edit any of our own footage, so i have put on a video I found on the internet.
I’ve played down at Campaign numerous times over the years and is a great site, with good fields, great toilets (which is always a surprise to see at a paintball site), excellent staff and the owners Lawrence and Jim are very hands on, and you always see them on the field which is a good sign for a paintball event, as when the people who are running the event are on the field, they know exactly how the game is running, keeping a good handle on things.
Clash of Clans was a 4 team game, personally I’m not a fan of multiple teams as it can go a bit crazy, but in this case, it worked very well, and I may have to reconsider my opinion of multi games, as we had so much fun.
The weather was beautiful, and when we turned up there it was a really nice relaxed atmosphere.  The game was divided into 4 parts, which I think were an hour and a half each.  The format worked well, and it was set over the whole site, and it felt like there was 150 players, maybe more.  As there was 4 teams, the teams were smaller, and I think having the breaks was a very good idea, as it would give everyone a chance to pot up, get air and get ready to go out as a team for the next stint as a group so you weren’t at a big disadvantage due to all your players sitting in the safe area or having lunch!
I was really excited about playing Clash of Clans at Campaign and it certainly didn’t disappoint, I enjoy a really good one day game especially in the winter, and the 4 team format worked very well.
Campaign has always had a great reputation with really good fields, which are set out really well.  As it was over the whole site, the bases were rotated in each section of the game, so we rotated around the site however it felt like we were always in the thick woodland part, and I know they’ve got some awesome paintballing maps at the other side that I would have liked to play more on.  We did have a really good battle in the town but i was over too quickly.  I think the reason we ended up in the top thick woods was probably down to my own tactical ineptness!!!
The main objective was to get gold from other clans bases, which was worth big points, but you could also hold checkpoints to score points.  We had some great gun fights but we were pretty poor at completing the objectives apart from the second game where we scored really big points.
Well done to the white team I think that they were the overall winners and we came 3rd overall, but even so we had a fantastic time.  It will be interesting to see how it plays next year, with more players.
All in all, very well organised and we will definitely be back next year!
I dont think Clash of clans could be better, value for money was excellent and was only £50 including a case of paint.


North Vs South

North vs South

When the Northern Monkeys get to take on the Southern Fairies in the UK's biggest Paintballing battle, each calander year.

Warped’s North Vs South is the biggest game in the country, and being north vs south has big pulling power for bragging rights for the next year!  Held at an army base that is not designed for paintball, the logistics and organisation that go into this game must be huge, with 1800 players and set over a vast army base, this is one game that always gets a good pull of players.  The Mayhem Militia always has a strong following at this epic encounter and we had 37 players in attendance, with some great characters in the mix at a 3-day paintball festival, this was always going to be pretty special.

There was games on during the Friday and Saturday, and the big North Vs South game happening on the Sunday.  Being a 3-day game really adds to the atmosphere of the event with a HUGE campsite!  Everyone gets into the whole festival atmosphere, and the trade presence is excellent, with pretty much every major trader in attendance, and a fully stocked bar selling cold beer is always a great touch for the evenings.

On the Sunday, the game kicked off at 10am, and this time Hostile Intentions were generalling for the South and they were absolutely excellent, they were super organised and really had the south team getting on the right buses (yes, real buses that drop you off into live areas) at the right times.   The game is so vast, without using the buses all you seem to end up doing is walking,  so I think this is a perfect addition to the last couple of years of this event, well done Jim and Tim!

Getting shot in the arse by Stuart from NPF (playing for the North), which was worse than any pain a paintball could ever give me.  Will I ever live it down?

We had some super intense gunfights, and with so many players on each team when you found a gunfight, boy was it immense.   The only downsides for me this year was walking, if you miss a bus it’s a long walk, I think the bottle testing should be more obvious, and I didn’t like the chronographing system with the raffle tickets, I would have preferred to have just been chronoed as I was walking on the field.

All in all, a fantastic event that should be on every UK paintballer’s calender.  Oh, and top things off the South won, which is normally a rarety!  Get in!  

Cannot wait for 2015!

Thank you very much to Jim, Tim and Matt for hosting this amazing event.



Mayhem Mag Fed

Mayhem hosted our first Mag-Fed game in November, and we had a good turn out of 21 players, making the event a huge success and intimate affair where some great action took place and a great day was had by everyone.  We will be running more mag-fed and limited loader games in January, so watch this space!  In the meantime, check out the video:

Luxe comes to Mayhem

Boy have we got a treat for you not only a limited editin gun but a Zombie contract killer Luxe, "the Luxe is the best gun i have ever shot" Danny Williams ex pro player and legend in English paintball.  "Amazing no kick so blooody accuate people just die at my hands" Paul Cain London Tigers and paintballing globel trotting god!  Ross Tesrain form "Mayhem Loved it best gun i have ever played with".  


This really is a beautiful gun at £1250 its not for the faint hearted but if you play regually and love paintball it is great vaule for money its has to be the first time i have seen a group or old pro paintball players actaully fall in love with a paintablling gun.  I hope to field test it myself soon if smart parts will loan me one as i loved my 2003 shocker which the luxe was born from and is a super charged version.  I sit here now looking at the Luxe on our wall and think i really want to play paintball right now if only the wife was feeling generous i could be the proud owner. 


New Toys at Mayhem

We have instock the New Silver Back Dye DAM, and what a peice of kit it is, only a handful (250) have been made worldwide they are very limited edition we are really lucky to get one instock instock.  I played with a Dye DAM at our mag fed game a couple of weeks back and its like no other gun.   You can shoot first strike and normal paintballs at the flick of a swtich flick between your loader and your Mags fill up your mags with first strike and shoot with deadly accuaracy at far far longer range. 


This Christmas show your other half you truley love them and treat them to a Silverback, can a lame penguin take out a man at 100 yards with deadly accuracy hell no he needs a DAM this christmas.

Check out the vidoe by our good friend and paintbaling Legend Mr U.


DMC - Magician Films at Mayhem

Drummond Money Coutts - Filming at Mayhem

Earlier this year, the magician DMC as part of his new series 'Beyond Magic' filmed a number of tricks including the massively impressive recreation of Jasper Maskelyne's 'Phantom Army' trick, here at Mayhem Paintball.   The new series is being shown on National Geographic at 8pm, and the tricks filmed at Mayhem will be shown on the 5th episode.

Drummond's tricks were absolutely amazing, and I still to this day have no idea how he did them!  He is also a really great guy, very funny and definitely has a great control of magic!!!  Expect to see a lot more from him.  Here's the man himself (centre), with our guys Chris (left) and Dave (right), in front of one of our T55 tanks.

Magician DMC on location at Mayhem Paintball

Christmas Parties

Mayhem Christmas Parties

Want a Christmas party with a difference?  Mayhem Paintball has unique package deals available for Christmas parties of any size.  Paintball is a great day's activity of excitement, adventure and is a great motivator of team spirit that will give the whole office something to laugh about for years to come.  All-inclusive package deals are available from just £27.99 per person for a full or half days play, and we can tailor make your day to your companies needs.  Mayhem boasts:

  • Heated conference rooms with electricity and WI-FI
  • Amazing playing areas including Call of Duty replica area, tanks, helicopters and much, much more.
  • Floodlit playing areas for evening/night games
  • Best equipment possible - including thermal double glazed goggles with a soft foam
  • Real toilets and showers (not port-a-loos like some others)
  • FREE Central Line pick-up and drop-off service to Theydon Bois station
  • Voted site of the year in 2013 and 2014
  • Voted best staff 2014 at the UK Paintball Awards
  • Christmas buffet menu available (extra cost applies)

To book your Christmas party, please get in touch with us on 01708 688517 or 0207 600 5030 or fill in our Contact Form and we'll get in touch with you!

Mayhem Christmas Party Flyer


Mayhem's October Walk-On Day Video

The October paintball walk-on day at Mayhem Paintball in London/Essex, expertly filmed and edited by Joe Phillips.  Please share!

We hope you enjoy

Walking Dead Scenario Day: 30th of October

Walking Dead Paintball Scenario Day

30th of October

Walking Dead Painitball Scenario Day Flyer

On Thursday the 30th of October, during half term, Mayhem Paintball will be hosting a Walking Dead themed scenario day!

Expect games based on the epic TV series, so be prepared to attack rival groups compounds, be in a constant battle for resources and of course, survive the Zombie Hoard!

Groups of any size are welcome, as we have lots of small groups who you can mix in with, and players of all ages and abilities are welcome.

We'll be playing games across a variety of our different playing areas with real tanks, helicopters, planes and much, much more.

If you book before the 22nd of October, you'll receive an additional £4 of our pre-pay packages! USE PROMO CODE: 'WALKINGDEAD' at the checkout to get £4 off!

Please book your place at

Drone footage

October Quadcopter Walk-On Footage

At the October paintball walk-on day, one of our regular players, Simon, brought along his shiny new quadcopter and filmed footage from the games we played on our COD map Bog and Speedball playing areas.  This was only Simon's first attempt at filming paintball games using one of these drones and you can see his confidence increase during the filming!  

A huge thank you to Simon for coming down to film, and allowing us to use the footage!

How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work - Motion Graphic


How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work



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Dave's Ice Bucket Challlenge

Dave has taken on the Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated Ged from NPF Bassetts Pole, Jim from Warped and Robbo from P8ntballer to take on the challenge of having an ice cold bucket of water poured over their head!  Here's Dave's effort.  It looked cold!



Check out out our new twitter deal for this weekend the 16th & 17th.

Give us a call in the office to book and quote  twitter  deal you will receive  an extra 100 paintballs per player ! 


Planet Eclipse realise the new Geo 3.5

Planet eclise realise the new Geo 3.5, made in Engalnd and desgined by Jack Woods Planet eclipse are the company for high end guns these days.  Most of the top team in the world shoot Geos or Egos so whats new this time ? 

Saturday the 2-8-14

Thank you to everyone who came and played paintball on the 2-8-14 it was great to meet you all and the picutres are up on facebook, thank you for the feedback we also ways look to improve and Mayhem does get better year on year.  I believe it is the secret to our sucess how we keep improving and adding new fields, Helicopters, forts tanks ect. 

Thank you for your kind words Ammanda.

Hey Ronnie,


Oh, we all had a fantastic time!  Everyone who’s been before said it was the most fun they’ve had with paintball.  ^_^  Thank you so much for helping me organise it. 


Kind Regards,


Amanda NK Caldeira
Training Manager


Mayhem Sponcers GGSK School win Essex cup again

The Under 19s who preformed at a high level to retain the (London Schools Cricket Association Shield) L.S.C.A. Shield. Being the first winners of this competition last year, in the same year the first time the shield was set up as a competition, then to retain it. Thanks to our sponsor Mayhem Paintball/Laser the boys have been given cricket kit they can be proud of, in looking as one team, arriving as a unit all looking smart and prepared for the game ahead.


Paintball on a budget: Etha vs Maxxed Rail vs Empire Mini

We've put together a review of 3 of the best budget electronic paintball markers into a video.  We opted to go for Planet Elcipse's Etha, Empire's Invert Mini and Dye's Maxxed Rail, and we go through the markers in detail and compare the good and bad parts of each marker and which one we recommend getting.  All guns get a basic accessment and then are shot, and we show the spacing achieved with 100 shots.  We then give our verdict on what we think is the best marker for the money.  We have created a special pacage deal on all 3 x markers which can be purchased from our online store.  Links to buy the deals are below the video.  We hope you enjoy!

The Invert Mini Package Deal:

The Etha Package Deal:

The Maxxed Rail Package Deal:

For more information, please get in touch with us on 01708 688517.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Maxxed Rail Review

Proto Maxxed Rail Review

I got my hands on a new Maxxed Rail, and what can I say?  Awesome... You would never believe this gun is only £270!  Shoots like a dream, has all the usual firing modes with a metal clamping feedneck, on/off ASA, AND the eyepipe from the higher models.  BUY ONE NOW before Dye realise they should be selling these for a much higher price!

Buy one here:

LV1 Review at Mayhem

Check out the new LV1 paintball gun from Planet Eclipse, great gun (arguably the best on the planet) and not one for the faint hearted.  You can buy yours online at our online store here

Bridge Body Arrives

Bridge Project, Day 1

Today we've taken delivery of a 40ft x 9.6ft high cube container which will form the main body of a new bridge.  The container will form part of an enormous bridge and fort complex that will span over the river and extend over the full width of the field. we are curently constructing this massive new structure on Bridge Wood area which will form a major part of the main mission in our amazing Pacific 4 Mayhem Big Game paintball festival Which takes place on the 30th to the 31st of August.

New 40ft containers

Fancy Dress at Mayhem Paintball

Fancy dress paintballing

Check out this stag do's fancy dress for their days paintballing at Mayhem!  Chacters including Ryu and Ken from Streetfighter, Buzz Lightyear, Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman and stag himself?  Well, he had a target and a tutu, obviously.  Thanks for coming guys, and we hope to see you again soon!

stag do fancy dress

mayhem Militia at North vs South

HI Guys last weekend we all went to North vs South the biggest paintball game in the UK it is held in the midlands and 50 of us when up in force from Mayhem.  This year the South won and I am sure of course we had a massive hand in the first South Win for 3 years well I got shot a lot so that must have helped.  From Mayhem we brought 50 hard core players, and after a weekend of shooting Northerners, and there were a lot of them with over 1800 players that is 900 of them to shoot. We won after a hard fought day’s paintballing.

North vs south is one of the oldest and most established on a military base it on one vast playing field with 900 players a side. 

The Mayhem Militia is our scenario site team we play just for fun anyone can join and there are not stipulation to join you can play for other teams the Militia is a basically a big boys club (and girls of course).  This year we also had our own tops printed which are only £30 with your name on the back.  We choose Tiger stripe not only because we thinking it looks really cool but also Mayhem has a long history with London Tigers one of the UK best Paintballs teams, who used to wear Tiger stripe.



We will be writing a review of north vs south the biggest paintball scenario game in the UK very soon. 


Guess The Gun Competition: The Answers and Results

Thank you to everyone who enetered our guess the gun competition, the winner had an impressive 29/32 correct and the lowest got 3/25!  The winner has has won a free ticket to the mayhem big game, and mayhem militia playing gear!

We will be running another competition in June with guns from the last 10 years, keep your eyes peeled!

Here's the guns:

The Answers

1)  Splatmaster

2)  Daystate TG19

3)  Nelspot 007

4)  Sheridan KP2

5)  KP2 Directfeed (or an answer similar)

6)  TAG Nelson

7)  Tippmann 68 Special

8)  Nelspot 007

9)  Nightmare

10)  Line SI Bushmaster

11)  Darkside

12)  Splatmaster Rapide

13)  GZ 1000

14)  Tippmann SMG .62 cal (we accepted just Tippmann SMG)

15)  Sterling Pump

16)  VM68/PM13

17)  Daystate SAM Patriot

18)  Legend/Nemesis

19)  Tipppmann Pro Carbine

20)  PT Extreme

21)  Automag AGD

22)  Soverign

23)  TFX

24)  Tagline

25)  Inferno T3

26)  AK47

27)  SFT Shocker

28)  BT G36

29)  DM9 (although it had the NT on/off so we accepted DM10)

30)  Bravo One

31)  Defender

32)  LV1


Thanks for playing!  


St Georges Flags Flying

St George's flags flying at Mayhem Paintball

In preparation for St George's Day and the FIFA World Cup 2014, Mayhem is proudly flying St George's Flags across the site and where we take our group photos by our Jaguar Jet.  Show your support by having your group photo taken in front of the flags over the next 3 months.


Mayhem Big game is back again.

If you’re really in to paintball do not miss out this year Mayhems legendary Pacific 4 is back, on the 30th and 31st of August 2 days of paintball.  2 days of hard-core paintball we play across the whole paintball site 2 teams lots of missions on a playing field 500m long.  Saturday we play missions themed on the TV show Band of Brothers with a bar and free camping last year we had nearly 500 players and this year we are expecting more from all over the country.  Sunday is the main event we have trade stands selling paintballs and paintball products from industry favourites BZ paintball, Lips, Dye and of course our very own paintball shop.

What makes the Mayhem Big game is not only our great venue with more military hardware, helicopters, Battle tanks then you can shake a stick at, but the great atmosphere we have a truly great set of customers who are very welcoming and the Bar is a massive attractions.  Please have a look at the video from last year.

Brentwood School At Mayhem

After spending my school years at Brentwood school with plenty of fond memories its great to have them come to Mayhem.  Brentwood is a great school one of the top private schools in the country these days.  So a big thank you to Brentwood school your pupils we had 30 boarders come and play.   It is great for kids to do activities like paintball, great exercise, brilliant for team work and breaks down barriers as it makes pupils who would not normally mix due to different school years and social circles interact.  I am a big believer in programs like the scout movement and Duke of Edinburgh we have a lot of school come to mayhem every year and I really do believe they gain more from activities like paintball then a day in the class room.  Of course that’s not saying skipping school is a good thing.

A big thank you to Brentwood school you should be proud of your pupils they joy to look after for the day.


Monday the 7-4-14

What a great day, the first real day of the easter holidays, Game of Thrones back on the telly the only downside was the rain but luckly at Mayhem we have plenty of cover and indoor areas, and our urban playing field is practially indoor.  This time of year the tree canopay is really thick and acts like a roof, also unique to us is our safe areas on ever field which are roofed so you can take off your goggles and get them cleaned in between each game and stay in the dry.
We have games on all over easter Thursday is our Paintball scenario day based on Call of Duty Ghoosts so if your about please book in.
Finally some feed back from yesterdays game.
I just wanted to thank you for making Jacks 16 th birthday memorable! They all thoroughly enjoyed their day and are eagerly trying to work out when they can return!

Mayhem Militia Playing Jersey Prototype

Mayhem Militia Playing Jersey 

We have just taken shipment of the first sample for the Mayhem Militia playing jersey.  This is going to be very close to the final design, although the text for 'MAYHEM MILITIA' will be more yellow than gold.  Mayhem Militia jerseys can be pre-ordered by calling 01708 688517, ask for Dave!  We are also able to offer custom name printing on the back for only £10.  Final price on the jersey is not confirmed yet, but should be around the £25 mark.

Mayhem Militia Jersey

Mayhem Militia Jersey Front View

Mayhem Militia Jersey Back

Forest School at Mayhem

A big thanks to everyone from Forest school for coming down to Mayhem yesterday, i hope you all have a great holiday and i am sure we will see you all again.  Seeing as i reconised most of you from coming to Mayhem and Laser mayhem over the years.  Its great when we get so many girls come and play paintball, esp like yesterday when they organised it themselfs.  I think great kids get out and do things like paintballing as its brilinat for team buildind, fitness and kids these days spend to much time watching TV and playing xbox i am a big fan of getting people out and getting them active.  


Guess The Gun Competition

Mayhem's Guess The Gun Competition

Think you know paintball?

Been in the game for years?

Had loads of markers?

This is the competition for you!

Whoever can guess the most amount of paintball guns correctly will win a free early bird ticket to the Mayhem Big Game 2014* and a set of Mayhem Militia playing gear with the jersey personalised with their name on.  To enter, you just have to share this page to Facebook, Twitter or Google + (on the buttons at the bottom of this article), and complete the form with your answers in the form below.  Anyone can enter the competition, just make sure you have shared this page.  All entrants must be in at the latest by the 1st of May, the winner will be announced via our facebook page:

* Can also be exchanged for 4 x £55.99 pre-pay packages for a date of your choice.

The Guns in Video

Check out the video for hints and descriptions of the markers, subscribe to Mayhem TV for more videos, competitions and reviews of paintball products.

 The Guns in Pictures





Geordie Shore comes to Mayhem!

Saturday 22nd March the well known star 'Gaz' from Geordie Shore arrived down at Mayhem to enjoy getting muddy and shooting the boys for his birthday..

Gaz loved playing the Call of duty map and also battling through the Urban Barn with his very own riot shield.. The boys completed a series of games throughout the afternoon and Gaz's team came out on top throughout! (well done boys) 

He later posted on the social networking site twitter ''what a wicked day @mayhempaintball was even better than expected felt like rambo with my riot shield.. bring on tonight #essex #BDAY''

Once again Thank you for coming down boys! We hope that you enjoyed your essex paintballing experience at Mayhem & we look forward to seeing you again in the near future :) 


Scouts events at Mayhem

This year the Scouting movement has been allowed to play paintball for the first time in its histroy.  Over the years we have had a great relationship though our sister company Laser Mayhem.  We hundreds of scouts every year attend this year we are taking lots of booking for paintball and laser for scouts.  We had Epping come and play on Monday night and we went to the Nuclear bunker in kelvedon hatch to run an event inside the bunker for Laser tag.

New Invert Minis at Mayhem


The Awseome new Invert minis have arrived check out David Hodders review on Mayhem TV.

Mayhem Paintball Joins Force 10

Mayhem Paintball is a proud member of the brand new Force 10 Paintball network.  Our aim is to get the very best paintball sites in the country under one banner to promote and bring paintball foward, and raise not only the standard of british paintball but also the experience for new and old paintball players across the UK.

Each member has been hand picked from across the country, so every venue is an accredited member of the UKPSF.

Jude Law Conference Room Renovation

At Mayhem we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve and add to the service we give to our customers and augment the facilities we have so that every visitor to Mayhem leaves with fantastic memories of an amazing day at a top notch venue. 

The latest phase of our constant evolution and drive for a better service is our recent extension to our Jude Law suit (named after one of our most famous visitors) this already fantastic facility has been more than doubled in size and is now capable of accommodating more than 110 guest seated be it for our fantastic range of kids birthday parties or our amazing corporate events . It has plastered and most importantly well insulated walls, a tiled floor and is constantly heated so no matter what the weather outside you can feel toasty warm when you come back in from the outdoor fun. This extremely versatile space is well suited to hosting conferences business meetings company buffets and Kids birthday parties. We can arrange the layout of the room to suit any purpose you require to accommodate your event in style and comfort.

Jade Law Paintball Conference Room

Jamie Olivers 15 at Mayhem

Every year we proud to have Jamie Olivers apprentaship scheme 15 come to Mayhem, i think Fifteen is a great idea its away to get young people in to the catering industry, and teach them vauable life skills.  The idea is to keep young people out of trouble and make something of there lives.  Every year they take a new intake of apprentices between the ages of 18-24 yrs.  Young men and woman need help and diretion in life at Mayhem we have had a few apprentinces and its definatly a great way to gain expereince and from it become employable.  Jamie desvers a lot of credit for putting his neck on the line and helping people make something of there lives.

Like all apprinceships Fifteen London is a 12-month Programme combining expereince  with on-the-job-based learning (65 per cent), and will personal develope young people (11 per cent) with small about of college-based work (8 per cent) . With apprentiships they are not just training courses as you learn on your feet in the place of work which is a far better experince then a normal college course. 


Laser Mayhem comes runner up in Star awards best party catagory




Laser Mayhem has come runner up in the best party catagory voted by the readers of Childrens Magazine PRIMARY TIMES STAR AWARDS, this is a massive honour when you consisder who we are competing against and we are just a small family buisness.  competing against Zoos, theme parks ect.  This is a massive acholade as to get reconised is such a competative markets says a lot for all the hard work we have put in.

The 2014 Awards were voted by the readers of Primary times, a nationwide magazine campioning the best places and best buisness for families and young childern, "all the winners have been selected by votes from our readers" Nick Cousisns publisher of primary times.  “The number of votes and the diversity of nominations show that our readers clearly feel very passionately about the places they visit with their families. It wasn’t just about the well-known places to visit either. Many of the smaller attractions and businesses in Essex were nominated by readers who they felt offered good service or value for money. The results show that having great places to visit locally is still an important part of family life in Essex .”

The winners of Primary Times in Essex Star Awards 2014 have just been released.  The awards, running for the first time this year, champion the best places and best businesses within Essex for families with young children. All the winners have been selected solely by votes from the readers of Primary Times in Essex.

Primary Times is an excellent magazine for childern and what to do in your local area it is a free ‘What’s on and Where to Go’ guide specifically perfect for families who are looking to entertain there children aged 4-11.  As it is by monthly published just before each school holiday 6 times a year.  W

Primary Times Star Award winners were compiled from unique email entries , postal entries, and this year online voting ( but only one vote per computer) from readers of our magazine Primary Times in Essex between 9th Oct and 9th Dec 2013


Mayhem Paintball News

Mayhem Big game news, we are getting prepared for this year’s which will be the 4th of the series and our 6th game.  The 2014 Mayhem big game is the only big paintball game in and around London, last year we had nearly 500 players on the Sunday the game ran over the weekend both days.  This year we want to hit over 500 paintball players and we are also having games running on the Friday as camping will be open from Thursday.  Again Stuart Friell from the Prince regent supplying the bar, it will be serving cold beers, spirits and soft drinks over the weekend and help us provide a great atmosphere with players all-round the country coming to London.  Our game  is unique in the sense it’s the only game I know of where you can watch paintball have a beer and relax and mingle with loads of picnic tables, easy listening music in the back ground it’s a really relaxed social event. 

Anyone who has been to Mayhem will know we have amazing playing fields with so many military Tanks, Planes, Helicopters, APC’s, Land rovers and much more we are always adding to the site.  The Last two years we have added more and more to the field made it bigger so this year again we will be adding more improvements for the Mayhem big game, we plan to add the upstairs to the town, and we have 2 new helicopters to add to the field. 

The Biggest companies in paintball are all jumping on board with the Mayhem game we are growing fast in reputation and now it is one of 3 must play games in the UK,

Tippmann the world’s biggest company when it comes to scenario paintball, are fully behind the Mayhem game and are making us one of their games for 2014. This is massive they trying to line up Greg Hasting, from the Xbox game to come across the pond to the UK to play our game that would be huge Greg is a top guy we used to play against in the America when he played for XSV one of the top American teams in the NPPL although we didn’t know him very well as he was on a rival team he is a really nice bloke.

Dye the coolest  paintball company are bring the UK number Pro team who will play as special forces and you can have the chance to sign up with Dye and join nexus for the day. 

More scenario teams, word is spreading across the UK about the Mayhem game we have the Scottish warriors rumoured to be coming down this year. 


Christmas vouchers

Mayhem Christmas Vouchers

Christmas vouchers are now being sold at Mayhem at Abridge in Essex. This is an exclusive offer, which is for a limited time only. These vouchers are a perfect gift for christmas, as Mayhem has been rated a 5-star establishment.  It's a great day out, where you can play with and against your friends.  Mayhem Christmas vouchers, is enjoyable for all, so it's a perect christmas present.

The vouchers range from £5 to £25, these can be used to pay for many paintball essentials such as the paint balls used during the day, guns and much much more.

You can grab yourself a Mayhem Christmas voucher by this website -

Or phoning Mayhem at - 02076005030

Sea King Helicopter Cockpit

We're happy to announce that we've received the cockpit for our Sea King Helicopter!  This will be attached to the main body of the helicopter and will be put onto one of our playing areas in the upcoming weeks.  Where should we put the Sea King!?  Answers on a postcard!


New Sea King Cockpit at Mayhem Paintball Games

Big thanks to everyone who played on Saturday 19-10-13

Thank you to everyone who play last Saturday the 19-10-13 it was our biggest paintball Saturday of the year and ran like a dream, all our customers feedback was awesome, i had 3 different customers tell me how they only play at Mayhem Abridge as feel it is the best site they have ever played at.  It is always great to hear as we put so much effort in to the small things that make your day so much better, like thermal goggle, safe areas on every field, sixteen different playing fields so we don’t cram people in to small playing fields with lots of players we work the opposite way so you have a great day.  We want to provide the best possible experience we can.

Paintball Mayhem Abridge

UCL Law society 10 years Running

A big thanks to UCL Law society for there 10th year running at Mayhem Paintball Abridge, 80 Students again this year attended on the 2nd of october for an evening of paintballing to get to know everytone / team building during freshers week.


James Kindly emailed us back with feedback from this years event, below is a pictures of the red and white team.

Hi Ronnie,
Sorry for the delay with this email, our Fresher's Fortnight has just finished! I just wanted to say thank you for putting on such a good event for us and that it was a pleasure working with you again. I will be sure to give a good write up of the event to my successor to consider when they are putting together the programme for next year. I also wanted to say thank you in particular for your flexibility with our numbers and posting my jacket to me so promptly, it was greatly appreciated!
Kind regards,
James A. Kingston
Social Secretary
UCL Law Society

UCL Law Society 1

London Fashion Week

To Celebrate the end of London Fashion week, Inditex who own global brands such a Zara came to Mayhem for a massive corporate event, i would like to give a big shout out to the Yellow team the overall winners not loosing a game all day.  It was a great day starting at 11 am at Mayhem playing paintball till  6:30pm, then a Hog raost and bar till 10:30pm with entertainment provided by the New Zealand Maori teaching the Haka in front of the bonfire video coming soon!

 Yellow and White team pictured below

teamwinners or the day.  

Crash - New field at Mayhem

Our New and Latest field, i know we only recently brought you Bog, and COD town but now we have Crash with a Massive plane in the middle, Landing craft and Land rovers.  Storm out of the Landing craft and attack the Land Rover convoy.   Only finished this week with a few more additions to follow so keep your eyes peeled for more surprises.

Mayhem Big game

Thanks to everyone who attended this years Mayhem big game it was by far our best event with over 330 players.

Mayhem big game 2012 Pacific 2
This year Mayhem Big game was always going to be eagerly anticipated; with great playing fields, woods down one side of the field the middle is a mix of concept playing fields, a replica Call of Duty field Bog from Modern Warfare with Real Russian battle Tanks, Planes, Helicopters, Land rovers, Anti-Aircraft guns, Armoured personal carriers, buildings and much much more and this year the field was widened with a brand new town added for the game so you had a great variety to cater for all types or players.   With the additions of the Town, BZ & Tippmanns trade stands plus a very well stock bar selling cold beer on a hot day, this event was not to be missed,    
Saturday games started at 3pm and went on to 9:30pm with just shy of 200 players and Formula 5 and C.O.D themed games running on the Mayhem fields With Cold beer flowing and games running all evening the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and catered for everyone from the Tourney player to the woods play to those who wanted to chill at the bar.  Sunday the main event started at 10 am on the dot, with a huge assault from either side on the Fort and fire fights in the around the missile lorry and more action in the woods, the game went end to end with both teams making pushes almost though but falling just short, the Japanese took a small lead and played well pushing the Yanks back though the woods and controlling the Town.  In the Afternoon the Yanks fought hard and where in control of the town pushing the Japs all the ways back to the Tank convoy field it, with the Japs owning the woods, it looked like a USA victory with 5 minutes to go Genral Ged green rallied his troops and re captured the Town and Missile command to snatch victory.
FSUP website
Mayhem have out done themselves again this year, The weekend paintball event was awesome! Everyone and I mean everyone enjoyed it. The event was well planned and the playing fields were top-notch. Every member of staff got everyone involved which makes the day even better.
The attention to detail was really good and not any event so far can even touch it. The afternoon games and the bar and food made the event like no other seen before. The tech tent was busy all weekend offering a top quality gun/marker repair service.
If you didn’t take part this year you really missed out, and make sure you can attend next years event!
some quotes from players on the day
What a great weekend. On Saturday you had people playing paintball, people make new friends at the bar and some just catching up with mates.on the subject of the bar what a cracker. Well done Stuart and well done mayhem. The best big game I’ve been to.
Great game and weekend at Mayhem thanks guys   . Due to the heat and my asthma playing up unfortunately had to retire at dinnertime. but great additions from last year, great site and great people look forward to next year 
Duuuuudes what a big game!!!!! Last year was awesome but this years was even better!!!!! The work and planning on the maps,the marshals and all the staff were excellent!!! FSUP loved every minute of it!!! Awesome seeing the usual ballers and meeting new dudes!!!! Thanx again…. Ash….out

Dave Fsup Hughes

Thank you very much

Hi ronnie,I would just like to say a big thank-u to everybody at mayhem,my son jack and he's family and friends had a fantastic time, it was there 1st time paintballing and they really loved it, u made my sons 13th birthday, thanks again and they will defo be back
                    Kind regards
                    Ashley Treacy.

TOWIE and I'm A Celebrity's Mark Wright visits Mayhem


Brushing up on your jungle warfare?

TOWIE and I'm A Celebrity's Mark Wright picks up some new paintball tricks on boys' day out

Mark Wright, famous from TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, came down to play at Mayhem Paintball, and had a great day out with some of his friends.  



                                                                      Mark takes a shot while on a boys day out with 20 of his friends

He might have narrowly missed out on being crowned King of the Jungle in I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here but runner-up Mark Wright came out tops after playing a game of paintballing with some friends.

The Only Way Is Essex star, dressed in camoflauge and sporting a 'sniper', was joined by 20 of his friends for a spot of male bonding.

Mark was seen climbing in and out of tanks and wasn't afraid to get muddy. He was no doubt using some of the skills he picked up while in the Australian jungle.


Mark takes cover behind a tank while a team mate covers his back


The 24-year-old's team won the challenge but he still managed to get hit on the back of the leg.

Later that day he used social networking site Twitter to say how much fun he had.

'Just had the best day with all my boys at paintballing. Such amazing mates. #cantbuyfriends'

Mayhem Paintball buys 2 x BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Mayhem Paintball is proud to announce the arrival of 2 x BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicles that will be put onto our playing fields within the next few hours.  As ever, at Mayhem Paintball, we are dedicated to improving our site for our customers and we hope that these two new military vehicles will help to enhance your day.  Watch this space for one more exciting vehicle in the upcoming hours:

Feed back

Hi Ronnie

Sunday was absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!

Everyone one enjoyed it and we are already planning our next visit, with hopefully more then 20 people!

Il br in touch soon to sort you out some tickets to see we will rock you and give you a backstage tour.

Thanks again!

Lee  and the rest of the crew from "We will Rock you"

Next scenario day Announced

Thursday the 27th of Ocober will be our next scenario day, the theme will be Modern Warefare 3 to coincide with the launch of the Multi-Billion franchise.

Feed Back

Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you for a great day on Saturday.  The marshals looking after our group, Joe and Ross, were a credit to you, making sure that everyone had great fun but remained safe in the process. The whole group had a super time and I'm sure that there will be a return visit planned for the future.   
I personally have visited other paintball venues in the past but found Mayhem Paintball to have the best set-up/professionalism that I can re-call.  I would not hesitate in recommending your facilities and customer service to others.
Thanks Again

Paul Lancaste

21-6-11 Feedback

Thanks for an amazing day last week!!! The students (and staff) really enjoyed themselves and I cannot stress how unusual it is for no one to moan about anything!!! I myself am aching still.

I will be recommending it as a trip to other departments (will be putting photos on the staff bulletin and student circulars) and we plan to come again in the fall.

Oh and yes – I did get the photos!

Thanks once again for a great day,


Newham School

4-7-11 feedback

Dear Robert good to see you again after 30 years.As you know i see Ronnie and Basil from time to time.Just to say how much the Ashley/Lawlor/Gunn party enjoyed our day with you on Saturday-we had a great time.Your staff were excellent and the facilities and games superb.It was a great stag party which carried on into the night!Thanks again.Kind regards Rob Gunn

Mayhem buys a Jaguar Fighter Bomber

We have just brought a Jaguar fighter bomber as used in the first golf war we will have pictures on our website. 


Thanks for the great day.

Frankie Rose

Feed back from 16-4-2011

It was great, guys had a good time!

Our Marshall was the blond one with funky hair, really funny!

At one point he said: this is not a shield, this is only a flag! …hilarious!!! J

And yes, guys are thinking to do it again soon... J



Hi Ronnie,

Great day had by all on Saturday! We’ll definitely be looking at rebooking further on in the year.



Good evening had a cracking day I was the only girl in the groups but was a fantastic day. Our Marshalls especially Tom really looked after us. 
Zoe (played 2/4/2011)

Thank You!

I came for my stag on sat 2nd april and would firstly like to say a big thanks to the two marshals who were in charge of our group (group 1) I've forgotten their names but can I say they are a credit to your company as they were both a great laugh and made our day great especially as it was the first time painballing for most of us. What we are looking to do is come back with an even bigger group this time possibly in june or july and was wondering if we would get a group discount if we were booking for around 30 people? and also would we all be able to split into two teams of 15 and stay together? Thanks once again for giving us a great day out it was fantastic.
Kind regards
Chris Gillan aka The Clown

Feed back

They had a fantastic time and will be returning soon! We were so impressed with all of the staff who were amazing with the kids and made the day so enjoyable. What a great team you have got!

Thanks again

Jenny + Co

West Ham United Team Building Proves Great Success

Mayhem would like to congratulate West Ham United on securing their Premier League status in the week following their visit to Mayhem Paintball.  The team showed great team spirit and great determination to beat Wigan 3-2, and unless Hull over-turn a 23 goal difference in two games, West Ham have secured their top-flight status.


we came paintballing today under the name of Richard Hinton at the site near Theydon Boyes.  This is just to say how much we enjoyed ourselves and how much we wish to commend Clarkey and Alex, our Marshall's for the day. I personally have been to a paintballing site before where the marshal's have been patronising and rude. But today everyone walked away with a smile on their face and the desire to come back.

Best of luck to your excellently organised company, we will be back in the near future!

Dave Clarke and Richard Hinton

Feed back

Your feed back is very important to us:

Hi. We endevoured in the mayhem experience on sunday 20th september and i'd just like to take a minute to say thankyou to the mayhem team for making the day. all the boys and myself had a great time.. once again thankyou for the day. we'll no doubt be back to visit soon...
Robert Chown goes online!

Mayhem Paintball revamps our online shop  have a look and let us know what you think.

Join the Mayhem Facebook group

Please sign up to the Mayhem Paintball Facebook group for news on all our upcomming events.

Mayhem Buys Helicopters

We are now the proud owners of 3 helicopters.

Tottenham come to play

Mayhem was the proud host to the Tottenham football first team.

Kidz Klub is announced!

If your 12- 18, join the Kidz Klub! Not only do you get discounted games whenever you play with us AND 5% off any paintball equipment, but you also get a FREE GAME EVERY MONTH. And best of all, it's free to join for a limited time!

Mayhem Paintball's all new website is launched

To improve our service to you, we have launched a brand new website, complete with a picture gallery featuring some pictures that players have sent to us after their big day, and even an automatic invitation maker for birthdays and stag days!

Tank Convoy! field is released

Mayhem has unveiled its all new field, Tank Convoy! Our 40 tonne ex-military tank has been stunningly arranged with 2 accompanying full-size armoured personnel carriers in an attack and defend mission. Players use the tank for cover, get inside the APC's and even use the special turret that has been modified to fire paintballs! goes online!

Mayhem publish a dedicated web site for walk on days, a monthly event whereby our more experienced customers can play amongst themselves with their own equipment.

Mayhem Paintball buys a tank!

To add to the endless individuality and excitement of our site, we have secured a genuine 40 tonne ex-army tank - as seen in the iraq war.

Mayhem Paintball has a conference room redesign

The acclaimed conference room facility for our corporate guests has had an extension, redesign and has no got two large windows looking out onto our floodlit urban playing area, so now night or day the excitement of paintball can be enjoyed from inside the conference room.

Mayhem Launches our new website

Mayhems new website goes live let us know what you think we would be greatful for your feed back.

Tank Convoy

Tanks convoy and Radar have had a revamp and are playing awesome

Mayhem Teams win King of the hill

The staff at Mayhem played King of the Hill in Reading and came first in both divisions.  Congratulations to Joe Philips and rst of the guys.

West Ham United Visits Mayhem

Mayhem Paintball were proud to host the West Ham United FC first team squad on 14/4/10 and Mayhem would like to wish all the players the very best for the future.

Feed back

We all had fantastic time, little sore but it was great fun!!.

Looking to come again soon.

Quick question, do you know what the age limit is for the children’s laser? I am looking to take my little boy some time in June.



Godo times

Debbie Lohse

They had a fabulous time thank you, they all thoroughly enjoyed it.
My son wants to come back for the "night time" event in August but unfortunely we will be on holiday, so would be interested to find out if this will take place on a regular basis?

West Ham come to play

We had the Westham first team come down and play, what a great bunch of Guys.

Help for Heroe

Mayhem Raised money for Help the Heros, with our 50'cal Challenge thanks very much to Andy piper from Dark sports for supplying the revolutionary equipment, 50 cal is a smaller ball and is a hot topic in teh paintball world right now will it take over from 0.68? 

A special thanks for Dean Downs for reffing and running the event.

Feed back

Dan Thompson
I came out with 3 of my closest friends today (june 13th) for my birthday and it was my first time paintballing - it definitely won't be my last. This was undoubtedly one of the most action packed and fun filled experiences I've ever had the joy of encountering and Keiron and Jay were great marshals - very adamant about keeping us safe but still fun, engaging and amusing. As I said, it won't be my last, I'm already trying to gather a bigger group of people to come back next month! Hopefully with Keiron and Jay at the helm once again.
Thanks to them both and thanks to all the staff at Mayhem that I dealt with. I had an amazing day.