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How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work



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Now you know how a paintball gun works are you ready to elevate your game? Dive into the thrilling world of paintball at Mayhem Paintball! Discover the mechanics of semi-automatic paintball guns and enhance your playing strategy. Don't just read about it, experience it! For paintballing in London book your paintball adventure now and prepare for an unforgettable day of fun, strategy, and action. Let the games begin! Book Today!

Scouts can play paintball


It was not long ago that paintballing was banned for all Scouts so what's changed?

In 2014 after a consultation with all the Scout members there was an overwhelming wish to open up paintball as a scout activity.  From January 2014 the UKPSF the governing body 

Its amazing Paintballing was Banned in the first place as it does embody a lot of what the scouts are about, I fully appreciate that you can argue shooting at each other is against the scout's philosophy however paintballing is not re inactive war we have gone a long way in trying to move away from that stigma.  

83% of scouts voted for Paintballing to be allowed, paintballing is extremely safe providing you play at a UKPSF accredited venue, Mayhem is a 5 star fully accredited UKPSF venue.

The Scouts felt with appropriate risk management measures, paintball is no riskier than activities already available.

All Scout activities are of course optional so all the scout me members can choose if they want to take part or sit out there are so many activities available, not every activity suits every person.

As a paintballing provider, its not only important we make sure the day is as safe as possible, but we also go the extra mile, at Mayhem we giver everyone Thermal goggles for instance so every person has double glazed goggles which are comfortable we do not offer standard rental goggles as they are not up to our standard we have to have our bespoke made, so they are comfy and don't steam up, we also offer safe areas on the playing fields so you can take your goggles off when your out and in between games so your only in your goggles for 10-15 minutes and can get them cleaned,  this ensures everyone has a better day and its a lot safer as people are far less likely to take off their goggles.

Paintballing was originally banned due to, insurance issues, age restrictions, and personal protective equipment being required, now I don't understand why any of this issue arose as to be a UKPSF member all these boxes would have been ticked you have to be insured, and supply all the right safety equipment, not to mention we are inspected, I feel if the scout movement had just used accredit UKPSF venues they would not have had issues in the past.

Interestingly they policy regarding paintballing guns is:

"Paintball guns as well as Nerf guns, laser guns, water pistols, and Airsoft guns) as they are not classed as firearms, you are allowed to shoot at Human targets of course shooting people with firearms are banned in the scout movement.

Strangely though archery tag is banned, I would recommend Laser tag from 7 yrs and up Mini paintballing 8-12 years old and paintballing from 12 years old.

Exporer scouts at Mayhem


Good Evening,

First and foremost my thanks to all of the team at mayhem who made our day with the explorer scouts on Saturday so special.

It really was a great day and I am getting really great feedback. We will be back again next year.

Thanks in advance 
Ilford East District Explorer Scout Commissioner 

It was not long ago the scouts were not allowed to play paintball so its great to see so many scouts at Mayhem enjoying paintballing, with kids spending more time in front of computer games, and TV its ever increasingly important we get kids outdoors and active the scouts, give kids confidence, social skills and discipline.

Back and bigger than ever!


Mayhem’s coming in strong for 2018 and we’re kicking off our It’s a Knockout season with style. Our latest and greatest activity is off to a flying start and the weather’s not going to hold us back from creating life-long memories! Just a few weeks in and hundreds of smiling faces have braved all sorts of weather conditions to come and join in the fun with us here at Mayhem.

Sessions will be running, every Saturday, all through-out the Summer months so if you’re looking to make your stag/hen do extra special then don’t hesitate to book today while you still can! Also taking bookings for corporate events, family functions and social gatherings.

For enquiries and bookings call us on: 01708 688517

Feed back


I must thank you all for an absolutely fantastic day!! Haven't had so much fun in a long time. Our two stewards were great... 

all the bruises and pain today was well worth it 😊


Could you tell me which package we had.. I'm trying to find out how much we owe our organiser as I can't get hold of her at the moment. we were booked under her son's name (jayden Desir)  for yesterday at 9.30.. sorry I put her name yesterday. 

How Do Different Stag and Hen Activities Compare?


Whilst both are an active recognition of the ‘last night of freedom’, stag and hen dos couldn’t be celebrated more differently. Not one stag or hen do is the same – from sports to spa days, city breaks to beach escapes, there are loads of options designed to satisfy every kind of stag or hen!

If you’ve been tasked with planning a stag or hen do this year, then fear not, as we’ve put together a quick, simple guide to help you weigh up the pros and cons of each kind of extravaganza – whether it’s a boozy trip to Blackpool or a sophisticated spa weekend – we’ve got you covered.


Brewery Tour Weekend

Whether it’s abroad or here in the UK, brewery tours are an increasingly popular choice for stag dos. Bratislava is a great location for a brewery tour – it’s extremely cheap and extremely cheerful! A mix of ancient capital and modern tourist destination, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to your usual stag do getaways. A pint of beer is the equivalent of around 50p!

A typical day at the brewery:

Brewery tours can be enjoyed in just about every country across Europe – so choose your destination wisely and make sure it’s somewhere everyone will love. Brewery tour experience days will typically include a tasting session, a tour of the entire brewery and food/refreshments. Some places let you make your own bottle openers to take home, too!

Price: ££

Fun rating: ***

Greyhound Racing

This is a great stag do idea, combining two activities that are sure to be winners amongst stag do attendees – boozing and betting. Typical stag do packages for a night at the dogs include entry, drinks vouchers, meals, and a free bet to start the evening off. Even if you aren’t a winner, you’re guaranteed to have a great time, with plenty of beer to drown your sorrows or raise a glass to your winnings! It’s a cracking way to kick start the evening before things get a little rowdier as you make your way around the pubs and clubs in the city of your choice.

Sheffield is famous for its greyhound racing – check out Owlerton Stadium for more info.

A breakdown of the day: tickets can range from £3 - £15pp for entry. Most places will do package deals for stag dos, including admission and a race card, food, drink and between two to three free bets.

Price: ££

Fun rating: *

Zen Party

For hens who aren’t fancying a particularly crazy weekend, then a zen hen party just might be the perfect option for you! Yoga retreats have become a hit with hen parties over recent years – offering a range of different yoga style classes, afternoon tea, dinner supplied by top chefs, and the key ingredient, of course – prosecco!

What’s involved?

Places like The Well Scene offer bespoke packages for health-conscious brides, which include things like yoga, a healthy brunch, afternoon tea, and dinner supplied by nutritional experts. Prices start at around £35pp.

Price: ££

Fun Rating: *


Beyonce Dance Class

Yep, you read correctly! Dance Party Experience run themed classes, such as Dirty Dancing, Bollywood, and Charleston, for hen parties at studios all over London. It goes without saying that one of their most popular packages is dedicated to the sassy shapes of Queen Bey. Bust some moves in the dance class and then head off into London town for a few cocktails and more dancefloor-based activities!

On the day:

You’ll have a 1-1.5 hour private lesson led by a professionally trained choreographer within a private dance studio. Beyonce dance classes are available in various locations up and down the country, including London, Manchester and Liverpool.

Price: ££

Fun rating: ***


Paintballing is one of the most popular stag and hen do activities and is it any wonder when it combines the outdoors, all your friends, a healthy bit of competition, and a great big belly laugh?! Whether it’s a full day, or just for half the day, paintballing is a perfect way to inject a bit of light-hearted fun into your stag or hen weekend.

Costs and stuff:

You can expect your paintballing stag or hen party to cost between £20-£50 per person. Most stag or hen parties will do paintballing in fancy dress, so make sure you factor in those costs as well! Dependent on the venue, the price of your visit will likely include 100-300 paintballs and use of the overalls.

Price: £££

Fun rating: ****


Party Houses

From self-catering cottages to luxury homes, indulging yourselves in some time away with your nearest and dearest is the best way to throw a hen or stag party! Self-catering accommodation gives you lots of options – cooking a big dinner, hiring caterers to cook one for you, order a takeaway and have a few drinks before heading out on the town, or bring the party to you! Ladies, why not try creating a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ area? Fellas, buy a selection of your favourite ales in mini kegs for your very own bierfest!

What to expect:

You can expect to pay anything between £50-£200 per person dependent on location, party size and length of stay. The luxury of self-catering accommodation is that it’s so flexible, and attendees of the stag or hen can come and go as they please! Check out Group Accommodation for some great stag and hen party houses.

Price: ££££

Fun rating: ***


Wine Tasting

If the stag or hen fancies themselves as a bit of a budding wine connoisseur, why not indulge their senses with a wine tasting experience?

Wine tasting experiences are becoming increasingly popular, and you’ll no doubt find one in your nearest town or city, or visit Wine Unearthed for wine tasting with a twist – including pub-style quizzes and blind tasting challenges. A sophisticated start to the evening, for sure!

The experience:

Wine tasting experiences are available all over the UK, at various venues, and at varying expense. Prices are usually inclusive of entry to wine tasting venue/vineyard, introduction to your sommelier, a tasting of a variety of wines and a lesson on how to taste wine properly!

Price: ££

Fun rating: **


Stag or hen? Best man or maid of honour? Which of these activities tickles your fancy? Tweets us @MayhemPaintball – or if you’ve tried any of these, be sure to give us your verdict!

The Best Stag and Hen do Fancy Dress Ideas


When it comes to stag and hen dos, making the bride or groom dress up as a complete and utter plonker is the name of the game. But if you really want to embarrass your partner in crime before you lose them to the dark side, here are some of the best fancy dress ideas…


Arriba, Arriba! Andale, Andale! Ponchos, sombreros and lots and lots of tequila is all you need to make a stag do amazing. Buy your group a banjo or two, some maracas and insist that every time a trumpet is blown, your stag must do a shot. He’ll be la la la bamba’ing all the way home!

A Baby

If you’re the best man, it’s your job to start the night as you mean to go on. Dressing the stag up as a big baby is definitely apt, considering the amount of drooling and slurring they’ll be doing. If you’re planning an exciting day of stag do challenges such as paintballing (3 points for the person who shoots the stag!), a bar crawl or a weekend abroad – a baby outfit couldn’t be more embarrassing. They’ll be crying like a little baby by the end of the night after all the pranks and forfeits you’ll have them doing.

Old Lady

This could be the stag’s last night of freedom in a long, long time. This time next year your grandma will probably have more of a social life, with nights out being a thing of the past! You may as well go and get your perm now. Get yourself down to the local charity shop and buy every last knitted cardi and set of pearls!


Club Tropicana

Rock the coconut bra and the fruit bowl hat, and dig out your childhood lei because it’s time to go to Club Tropicana (and hopefully drinks really will be free)! Whether you’re hitting the town or hosting your own tiki party – this is a great way feel like you’re in Hawaii without having to pay for it. Hoola Hoola!

Angels and Devils

It’s your last chance to be a devil before the big day! Dress the bride in a white dress and halo, with her devils dressed in red and donning their devil horns. Plan some cheeky hen party games and enjoy colour coordinated drinks throughout the night –add an extra touch of naughtiness with your very own butler in the buff!

Mad hatters

The perfect theme for a bride who’s a lover of all things quirky and vintage-inspired. Incorporate some fun games in between mouthfuls of Victoria sponge and prosecco – it’s a great way to get the whole hen party together before things get out of hand later on!

Dressing up for a stag or hen do can leave a lasting memory, albeit one the hen or groom might want to forget (“Remember that time when you got tied to a lamp post dressed as a chicken wing?”), so get your thinking caps on and get creative. Just remember; if you’re paintballing, opt for outfits with a little more padding!

What’s the best fancy dress costume you’ve ever seen? Tweet us @MayhemPaintball and let us know!

What do Top Sports Players Earn?


Well, the scores are in and it’s no surprise that the top-paid sports players in the world are those at the height of their game...literally. But who are they? What sport do they play? And, more to the point, what are they earning? We’ve scoured Forbes’ Top 100 list of the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes to find the answers for you and we’ve even summarised them here (you can thank us later).

Top Sports Player Earnings Infographic

Okay, so let’s start with the bad news (brace yourselves), even the highest paid professional paintball players unfortunately didn’t make the Top 100. In fact, the best paintball players in the world can only expect to earn about £80,000 per year which, don’t get us wrong, sounds like an epic wedge to play paintball but, compared to the lowest Top 100 earner on £15.6m, it goes to show the incredible earning potential of the elite sports stars.

Predictably, footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo ranks Number 1 as not only the top paid football player, but the top paid sports superstar worldwide. Combining his salary and endorsements, his earnings comes in at a whopping £66m – safe to say the next round is on Ronaldo…

The sport that dominates these rankings is, in fact, baseball, with players featuring a total of 26 times. A massive 96% of their earnings come from their salary and winnings, in contrast with basketball players, who receive most of their earnings from endorsements, which make up 92% of their earnings!

Age is simply just a number when it comes to sports players’ earnings – the youngest person on the list is 23-year-old golf pro Jordan Speith, bringing in a staggering £40m per year. This matches the earnings of 46-year-old golfing legend Phil Mickelson.

Let’s not forget to mention the women that made the rankings – unfortunately there were only two! But they acquitted themselves pretty well, earning £38m between them; no surprises that these two legendary tennis rivals are Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova (who is famous for more than just her Top 100 Forbes mention, but that’s another story).

So there we have it, this year’s highest paid sporting professionals. We’ve combined all of this information into a handy infographic, so take a look for a further breakdown of the uber-wealthy Top 100 paid sports players.

Announcement! FIFA 17 Goal Competition Winner


Last month we ran a competition to give one lucky winner a copy of FIFA 17, to coincide with its release on 27th September. We wanted to see your best FIFA goals – and you delivered!

The competition was tough, but our favourite, with a bicycle kick from Klassen – was from Jamie Cheek. Congratulations, Jamie, we hope you’re enjoying your new game!

On a related note, if you’re interested in seeing what some of your favourite footballers are earning, keep an eye on our blog as later this month we’ll be having a look at the top earning sports players around the world. Ka-ching!

Send In Your Best FIFA Goal & WIN A Copy of FIFA 17!


Is the first thing you want to do after a long day play a couple of games of FIFA with mates, or is it more serious than that - do you live and breathe FIFA? We’ve got a competition you will love!

Whether you suffer from extreme FIFA rage - cursing if the ball goes offside, or you are mysteriously ill on the release day of the new game - we’re giving you the chance to WIN a copy of FIFA 17. We know you will all be scrambling for this come September 29th!

Each year, the FIFA obsession becomes a little more intense, with skilled gamers scoring wonder volleys and 20-yard rabonas. No matter what age gamers are, once you’re into FIFA, you’re in it for the long run!

We’re asking die-hard FIFA fans to share your best goals with us! Whether you’re Real Madrid, and you have a good goal streak, or you’ve just scored an amazing goal for Sydney FC, we want to see it.

It's easy to enter! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload your recording to YouTube.
  2. Put our link ( in the video description (this way we'll know it's your goal, not someone elses!).
  3. Submit your YouTube video URL and contact details (so we can contact you if you win!) by clicking the 'Enter Now!' button below.

See? It's that simple. That's all you need to do for a chance to win your own copy of FIFA 17 – what more could you want? Playing FIFA to win more FIFA – ball’in (see what we did there?)

Enter Now!

Competition closes on September 23rd!

Book now